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…light is pure energy, but when it merges with matter it becomes shape…

‘Lux Informae’ by LorenzoArs

Art exhibition – Official Event of the Year of Light 2015

curated by Laura Capuozzo and Franco Torriani

…light is pure energy, but when it merges with matter it becomes shape…


by Franco Torriani

In this exhibition, that involves different techniques and media, but where Photography is the chosen tool, lorenzoArs presents a reflection and a production based, among others, on three elements: light, shape, material.

Complex balance between the desire to give shape to light and, as a declaration of intent, to bring out the shape through the use of light. Shape that emerges, according to the artist, from a mixture between the human species and nature, between the inside and the outside, between physicality and spirituality.

His analogical photographs and Polaroid prints, are both a presentation of the body and a reflection on the body and on the identity of the subject. A hybrid body that, as it appears in these artworks, or rather in their programmed sequence, is a hybrid of commissions ranging from culture, identity, techniques. A body that is neither completely natural nor wholly artificial (Bernard Andrieu, in Les avatars du corps).

Through the shape the body emerges from the dark (from the emptiness? Complex concept …) and the body itself embodies the shape ….

A research and application of photographic technique, that of Lorenzo, characterized by an experimental and productive relationship with the new media, as we call it, where the subject is placed gradually in a still image,

suspended into a process of experience and knowledge, of sense construction and perception of reality.


by Laura Capuozzo

The exhibition concerns the Light that moulds the matter and is an Official event of the UNESCO International Year of Light and Light based Technologies (IYL2015).

Starting from the desire to shape the Light, lorenzoArs wraps the viewer in an imaginative and multi-sensorial experience that comes to life from the darkness. The artist started this long and ambitious project in the ’90s, using analogical photographic equipment and today, during the International Year of Light 2015, he exhibits the Aesthetic of the Light. The sculptural approach of his research shows how light “form” and “trans- form” the empty space, when it intercepts a sensitive medium. His “sculptures of light” enclose and then evoke the pictorial matter and the plastic materials. The molded Light is, in turn, the element of a communication process, which aims to catch the truth of vision and perception. A dynamic depth where colors create an indefinite dimension. Sign disappears, Light changes and shapes appearances. Subject to the “law of change”, light creates harmonies between sensory and transcendence. LUX INFORMAE turns, in fact, the two-dimensional being of the Photography into a “multiple points of view” setting to attract the viewer in a designed three-dimensional space. You have the sensation of floating in unstable figures, where the suggestion of the shapes is merges with that of the observer. Between density and transparency, light-sculptures emphasize the light-dark dichotomy that does not exclude symbolic values related to Life and Body. The “body of the light” borns, it is formed and evolves, creating a tangible immateriality. So, this series recombines the physical reality and the apparent one, fusing and con-fusing them to create harmony. Imaginative passion emerges thank to the genesis of colors that invade the space, modeling it. The experience – to which we are subjected – is so intimately connected with the

light-space. So, this exhibition will grow, mutate and evolve in an infinite series, which recalls the sense of our life and its flow. LorenzoArs firm the matter-form-light connection showing, at the same time, the unstable boundaries of all the artistic techniques.

original polaroids - lorenzoArs ©1992/1998

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