Casinos that are NO fun. A Rant About Casinos On Native Land

The Beginning

Over the course of 4 weeks, I researched on Casinos, located on native land, and the pros and cons of them being located on native land and/or native reservations. Over the time, I researched the very first casino built on native land, the latest native casino, and the ¨Indian Gaming Regulatory¨.


The reasoning behind choosing this project is, that I have heard, read, seen with my own eyes, that casinos are profiting off of native tax return, and the government supplying them with money to keep open, and not paying the natives back.

Who Was Involved In The First Casino?

There have been many theories on who was involved in the very first casino, but the clearest document that I can find on the first casino, is on the Milwaukee tribe, who were not getting their tax return, and did not find that to be fair, so they drew the government in, and filed a case, which was the beginning of the Indian Gaming Act.

When did the Indian Gaming Act Get Put Into Place?

it was 1988, when the Indian Gaming Act was put into place. At the time, about 33.5% of Native Americans lived in reservations, that the government ran, and the Natives were not being provided their tax returns, so they thought to open a casino on their land, at first the government didn't allow the Native Americans to open a casino, on THEIR land, so the Milwaukee tribe issued a lawsuit, which later become known as the Indian Gaming Act/ Indian Gaming Regulatory.

First Hand Account's

Many people have different perspectives on casinos being on native land, here are some of those perspectives

  • "'What Indian gaming has done for Indian tribes is its helped up develop basic infrastructure for our tribal members'" Source 7
  • "Milwaukee Casino he says, they are 'Occasionally' for some of the profits that come from the gaming facility." Source 7

But other cultures also have perspectives.

  • "Most people are employed by casinos are not Native Americans" Source 5
  • "'it has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with tribal sovereignty by the federal Goverment


In conclusion Casinos are still affecting the land in which they were built upon, and the surrounding land. Many people have different opinions on casinos, and I respect that. In the end "79% said casinos had a positive impact were only 13% saw a negative impact." Source 8.


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