A Dream Fulfilled Upon the Land September 11th, 2017 - from the seed within by yeshua lucis - into the mythica

I have been given sanctuary near the crest of the mountains, that of the Sangre de Cristos, to go deep into the yogas, and to build out my story, the Seed Within, as we bring forth the Mythica, a new form of telling stories. Here is a preview into the form that Peter Fae and I have divined so far, the next level of our story telling...the magickal journal.

I was invited to come to my current location after taking respite in the tiny house next door for a month, after a Life Visioning session where I received a vision for another off-grid, remote location to build out the next part of the Mythica, and I went into clearing the energies of doubt as to whether I would receive appropriate sanctuary. I stepped deeper into the feeling tones of Trust and Abundance, shortly after, within a day or so, I was contacted by Curt, the neighbor next door, who was requesting that I caretake his house while he leaves for a boating trip for a month. He was to leave on the day I was to move out.

From my vantage, such is the results of manifestation, and a proof of the Life Visioning. That I would receive such sanctuary in perfect synchrony in accordance with the receiving of the vision and the internal clearing, that I would receive the outward reflection of that in my circumstance. Of course, such is the Physics of the Quest.

It has been a couple weeks since then...After my practice this morning I looked outside the window in the sunroom and saw Curt's mobile workstation, a pull behind that houses tools for building and repairs. I remember wondering the day before when I looked at it what the mythological significance of that was, as I remembered back to how Curt was the one who helped me to repair the cabin with that very same cart...

The cabin I had lived in for the first eight months of my simple life with the land, deep in ceremony and yoga, before I received the vision of bringing forth that story to the world...

With his expertise in building and help I was able to install the woodstove that was sitting outside the door rusting, with Lisa's help I was able to procure the stove pipe and the insulation. Without either of their help none of that would've been possible. through their assistance I was able to have my first spiritual retreat and receive deep healing that I needed with the land, and to stay warm and provided for over my first icy winter off-grid in the winter of 2015-16.

These allies have provided me with such immense value and experience. Through sharing what they have and through their wisdom and experience, they have helped me to change my life. Who once arrived to this valley as a kid following the synchronicities and his spirit, has now turned into a man with the mission who is coming to himself deeply and what he's here to do.

I recognize after a deep round of clearings this morning, that these allies and living situations have been part and parcel to the fulfillment of the dream I first received before I embarked on the Shiva and Shakti chapter of the Quest in 2015...

The Quest Continues. Visit Into the Mythica to read more, or if you are already on my timeline close this to continue reading.

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Joshua Faust

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