Scotland By: Kristen Nelzen

A meeting for athletic events, playing of the bagpipes, and dancing held in the Scottish highlands or by Scots elsewhere.

An arrangement of standing stones in Scotland made for ritual activity in the bronze age.

A large building or group of buildings fortified against attack with thick walls,battlements,towers, and in many cases motes.

An area of high or mountainous land.

A park type area in Scotland with huge horse head sculptures.

A knee length skirt traditionally worn by men as part of the Scottish Highland dress.

A musical instrument mostly associated with Scotland and other areas in the United Kingdom.

A popular Scottish dish consisting of sheep, oatmeal, and seasoning.

A gigantic, dragon like creature thought to inhabit the icy depths of the Loch Ness a lake in north-central Scotland.

Also known as St Andrews Cross or the Saltire, is the national flag of Scotland.


Created with images by Robert J Heath - "Scotland, Kintail"

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