Lol... OMG Ch. 1 highSchool in the digital age


This chapter talks about how technology is changing how teachers and students learn since you can do online schooling. This chapter is also about when you post things on the internet and that they will always be there once you post it. It won't just disappear. One more thing it talks about is that technology is developing at such a fast rate that we can't keep up with it. It's been around for 18 - 21 years and is very developed.


I think that this was a good chapter and went over things well that we should consider.

Favorite Quote

"Part of the reason that we are seeing issues of reputation management and cyberbullying in high schools is that technology has developed at a faster pace than we can keep up with." This is my favorite quote because it's true that the internet is forever developing and some things can get out of control.

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