Leaf Structure By: Gerardo Soto

There are an incredible amount of parts and traits to a leaf, and each part has a significant role to the plant in order to keep everything running how it is supposed to. The very first layer of the leaf, the Cuticle, acts as a living layer of tissue, so it will protect and prevent the evaporation of water from the plant's tissue. And under that it is the Epidermis which acts as another layer of protection, produced as well by the Cuticle. Getting further down the leaf, Palisade Mesophyll, is next which is more towards the middle of the leaf. What it does and is, is a component that absorbs a major portion of light energy used by the leaf. This also considered the leafs veins within the vascular tissue in the palisade layer. Another very relevant piece to the leaf is, Stoma. Stoma is a a very tiny opening in the Epidermis of a plant, through which gases and water vapor pass. This Stoma is surrounded by the Guard Cells. The Guard Cells are used to control gas exchange. The Veins are a very important part of the leaf that provide support for the leaf and transport water and minerals. Towards the middle of the leaf there is a component titled, Spongy Layer, that stores sugars and amino acids. The next part is the Air Space, the gas exchanges through here which is very important for the plant. This is where both the two different transport tissue comes in. Xylem and Phloem. Xylem transports water and solutes from the roots to the leaves. Phloem transports food from the leaves to the rest of the plant, so both extremely important for transporting components. Not the last but the last most important part of a plant is the Chloroplasts. The Chloroplasts are used to covert the sunlights energy into sugars for the rest of the plant otherwise known as Glucose. Every part is vital to the plant, although not all of them were mentioned, all that were, were very important to the plant. All having significant jobs to the plant.

Every part that was talked about in the leaf structure provides for photosynthesis. And then you have the most important part to photosynthesis which is chloroplast. It provides the food for the plant. It is the sugars it makes for the plant which is also known as Glucose. All of the traits for the plant and their functions are listed in the previous paragraph.


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