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We hate high pressure sales just as much as anyone does! So we offer an easy, stress free buying experience! We want you to thoroughly enjoy the home buying experience with us. This means, we will work with you until you find the right home. We do not pressure you to purchase, or mislead you in anyway! We will also handle all the paperwork, and help you along way, right to move in day! The Team prides ourselves on customer service, and we always have your best interest in mind!

"The Team really do live up to their promises! My agent Paul was a pleasure to work with on our home purchase. The website is easy to use, and made searching for a home really fun and easy. We got instant updates for new houses, and Paul was always available to meet with us. We were provided with all the info on the house and area, and all the details were handled for us. Paul truly made the process fun! Thanks!!" - David S


The Team works exclusively in many GTA areas! We have area specialized agents in all neighourhoods in the GTA. Feel confident that we have you covered no matter where you are looking to buy a home!

The Home Buying Process.

What You Need to Know When Buying a Home

Buying a home can cause some uncertainty and many questions. We're here to help, and this info below will help get you started on your home buying journey, and understanding the home buying process.

Preparing Pre-Approved Financing

The best way to get started on your home buying journey is to speak with a mortgage advisor. You can do this by walking into your bank, or by speaking with a mortgage agent. A mortgage agent will be able to provide more options to you, since they are shopping for you, at all major banks and small lending companies. It is recommended to have a mortgage agent help you, since you might get the best deal this way! Also, a mortgage agent's costs are covered by the lending company. There is no need to budget for additional fees. It is recommended to have a mortgage pre-approval prior to actively looking for homes, and making an offer. If you do not have a mortgage agent helping you, I can refer you to our professional mortgage agent.

Arranging Property Viewings

This is the easy part! Simply give me a call, or send an email or text with the address and/or mls number. I will arrange the viewings for you at your convenience. I will be sending you properties that fit your criteria the moment they become available. You wont miss any great properties. When you find a home you want to see in person, simply let me know.

Making an Offer on a Property

Making an offer on a home is easy! I cover all the details, paperwork, presenting the offer to the sellers and negotiating on your behalf. Here is some information on the offer process and the offer document.

Irrevocability of the buyer's offer

All offers made have an irrevocable time period. When a buyer submits an offer to a seller, the buyer is committed to the terms of the offer. The offer always has an expiry time. This allows the offer to be void, if the sellers sign the offer back or do nothing with it. The buyers are committed to the offer only for the time period stated in the offer. This allows the buyer to move on and offer on other homes, if the sellers do not agree with the buyer's terms. Typical irrevocable time period is until the end of the same day or 24 hours. All situations are different, and irrevocable times can vary and be up to 48 hours. Sometimes sellers are out of town or country, or many other situations that require more time for the sellers to respond.

All offers consist of 4 main components, and all items are negotiable:

  1. Purchase Price
  2. Deposit
  3. Closing Day (Move In Day)
  4. Buyer Conditions

Details of these components:

  1. Purchase Price is always negotiable between buyer and seller. You will be provided with a digital market report for each home you are interested in. Using the current market data, together we will determine the best negotiation strategies with your offer. All properties are listed differently, and each property will require a different offer strategy.
  2. Deposit is used to secure the offer. It is either given within 24 hours of acceptance of the offer, or given with the offer during offer presentation. The deposit is held by the listing brokerage, and used towards the buyer's down payment. The money is transferred to the lawyers on closing day. All deposits must be certified cheques or bank drafts.
  3. Closing Day is the same as your moving day. This is the day that the purchase transaction is completed, and the home is now yours! This day is agreed upon by both buyers and sellers. Closing days can only be on business days, no weekends or holidays. You can move into the home any day after closing. Typical closing days are 30-60 days, but can be as fast as 2 weeks, and as long as over 90 days. Myself and the closing lawyer work together with you to ensure everything is set for the closing; financing, paperwork, movers etc.
  4. Buyer Conditions are used to protect you the buyer, and allow the buyer time to arrange and satisfy themselves on the conditions. Conditions are included for the benefit and protection of the buyer. Buyers need to be aware of what these conditions mean to them. See below for details on the buyer conditions.

Seller's options with your offer

Sellers have 3 options when you have made an offer to purchase their home:

  1. Sellers can simply accept all terms of the offer, and you will have purchased a home! (conditional or firm, depending on your offer)
  2. Sellers can sign back the offer to the buyers. They can make any changes to the offer, typically to the 4 main components listed above.
  3. The sellers have the option to do nothing with the offer, and let the buyer's offer expire. If this happens, no one is bound to anything, and the buyer can try another offer on the same property, or move onto any other property. It is very uncommon for a seller to do nothing with an offer. If a seller is not satisfied with an offer, common practice is for them to sign back to the buyers with the terms that they are looking for.

Seller's Sign Back Offer

If the sellers sign an offer back to the buyers, the new offer from the sellers has an irrevocability, just the same as the buyer's offer. It is important for buyers to note, if the sellers sign back an offer, the sellers are committed to that offer for the time period of the irrevocability. The sellers can receive offers from other buyers, but cannot work with those offers until their sign back offer is either accepted by the buyers, or expired.

When the sellers and buyers have agreed to all terms of a conditional offer

  • If a seller accepts a conditional offer, the buyers will provide within 24 hours, the deposit cheque, payable to the listing brokerage.
  • The sellers are now bound to this agreement, they are not permitted to accept another offer without concent from the buyer.
  • The sellers are allowed to continue showing their home to prospective buyers during the conditional period, and are still allowed to review another buyer's offer, but cannot work with that offer until the first buyer has acted on their conditions.
  • If the buyers are unable to fulfill their conditions, the buyers will get their deposit back in full, without deduction. The property goes back up for sale and the seller can work with any other buyer's offers.
  • Buyers have the option to not include any, or less conditions with their offer, if they do not require them, or if there is other buyer competition (more than one buyer offering on the property at the same time).
  • In an active market, many buyers are proactive with their conditions, and make an offer without any conditions. In order to do this, the buyers must have financing already arranged for the home, and pre-approval done. Home inspections can be completed prior to making an offer (often referred to as "Pre-Home Inspection), or the buyer can forego the home inspection at the buyer's discretion. All properties are listed differently, and each property will require a different offer strategy.

Offer Conditions

Conditions are typically for the benefit of you, the buyer. There can be many varying conditions in different situations. Common Offer Conditions:

  • Condition on Financing: This is typically 5 day business days. This time frame can differ depending on the situation. Buyers will use this time to arrange firm financing for the property they have offered on. The bank will want to see the house the buyer is purchasing and often conduct their own appraisal.
  • Condition on Home Inspection: This condition is also typically 5 business days, unless agreed on a different time line. This condition allows the buyer to arrange for a professional home inspection company to fully inspect the home for any deficiencies. If any items come up that need to be addressed, the buyers have the opportunity to do so within the condition period. I will arrange everything for you, including a professional home inspector.
  • Condition on Status Certificate: Only applies to condo high-rise buildings or condo town houses. This can often be a long condition, as it takes time for the condo corp to produce the status certificate, typically 10 days to produce the document, and 3 days for lawyer to review. Often in an active market, sellers will pre-order the status certificate and the buyer's lawyer can review right away, or prior to making an offer. The status certificate is full a discloser document pertaining to all aspects of the corporation and unit. Typically, the sellers pay for and order the status certificate, unless noted otherwise. The buyer's closing lawyer will review the lengthy document and provide their findings. This condition is to protect the buyers, and allow the buyer the opportunity to be made fully aware of the financial status and stability of the condo corp. Status certificates will provide lots of information including: Reserve funds, current budget, current unit maintenance fees, any law suits, any special assessments, any alterations to the unit, any unpaid maintenance costs by unit owner, any upcoming repairs or maintenance to the building, any recent major repairs or replacements to the building etc.
  • Condition on Buyer Selling Their Current Home: This condition is more commonly used in slower markets, typically outside of the city. It is not usually recommended or seen in an active market. This condition benefits the buyers, as it allows them time to sell their current home, in order to purchase the house they have made an offer on, without the risk of another buyer purchasing the home. Sellers are allowed to continue to show their home to buyers and review offers from other buyers, but cannot accept an offer, without providing the current buyer first right of refusal. The buyer at this time has 2 options, either firm up the offer, or back out and the sellers can accept the new offer. This condition is not used in active markets, as it holds the seller's property for too long of a time, without certainty the buyer will firm up. With this condition, the buyer has the right to not sell their home, and back out of their offer.

Expenses With Buying a Home

Fixed closing costs when purchasing a home or condo

Land Transfer Tax is the largest expense when buying a home or condo. It applies to all properties, and it must be paid in cash on closing day, costs are included in the statement of adjustments. It cannot be added to the mortgage financing. Land transfer tax is a broken down calculation, different percent for different values in purchase price. Properties in Toronto are subject to a higher land transfer rate. See link below for tax calculations based on the purchase price value. (Note: Any city outside of Toronto will have only provincial tax, first box, left side. Toronto is subject to double tax, and the total is on the right side box)

First Time Buyers are entitled to a land transfer tax credit, that is applied on closing. It is directly deducted, it is not a rebate after closing. Buyers can only qualify for this rebate if they themselves, and their spouse or common law spouse, or purchasing partner (family member or friend) have never owned a property within Canada or anywhere in the world. The Credit amount is $4,000 off the Provincial tax. This means a full rebate for first-time buyers who purchased a home valued at $368,000 or less. If purchasing in Toronto, an additional $3,725 off the Toronto tax, totaling $7,725. This means a full rebate of Toronto tax for first-time buyers who purchased a home valued at $400,000 or less. See links below for further information.

Closing Lawyer Fees are paid in cash on closing day. Costs are included in the statement of adjustments. Fees vary depending on law firm, location, purchase price, financing or no financing, condo or free hold and other items. A safe estimated cost is approximately $1,400 - $1,800. This is a blanketed cost - covering most legal fees, government fees, title insurance etc.

Rebates to Sellers are paid on closing for any property tax pre-paid by the sellers for the current year, in which closing day falls in between. Condo fees are also rebated back to the seller if purchasing a condo unit. This is calculated per day. These cost are unknown until closer to closing day, but usually range in a few hundred dollars depending on the tax rate, condo fees and how much has been paid in advanced past the closing day. The closing lawyer will outline all these costs prior to closing on the statement of adjustments.

Contingency Funds are highly recommended for all buyers. Unexpected costs are very rare, but can happen. Better to be prepared and set aside additional funds.

NOTE: There are no additional costs that you must prepare for, to pay any real estate fees. The buyer's agent that works for you, is paid by the sellers on closing. The buying agent represents your best interests in the entire process, and will help negotiate on your behalf.

Miscellaneous closing costs when purchasing a home or condo

Home Inspections are an optional cost. The buyer has the option to hire a professional, or have a friend, family member or themselves inspect the property. Hiring a professional is recommended for most property types. Condo town houses and condo high-rise units have many items included in the condo fees, and the condo corp may be responsible for maintenance and repairs of these items. Example: Roof, Exterior walls, Foundation walls, etc. And may not require such a thorough inspection. Cost can vary greatly depending on type of home (condo building, detached house etc), size of home, type of inspection, and inspection company. Average costs for a professional to inspect a home is $400 - $1,000. Average cost to inspect a condo is $300 - $500. *Approximate costs.

Moving Arrangements can vary in cost. It is best to contact a few moving companies for quotes. Options can be as simple and inexpensive as renting a truck yourself, to hiring a company and moving team who handle all the details. Here are a few options for movers and storage. Click Here: Frog Box, Boxes, Storage Centers, Go-Mini, Pods, U-Haul, Budget, Enterprise, Discount, Campbell (recommended for long distance moves). There are many options available. Feel free to inquire about options for different situations, I can help direct you!

Other Optional Cost:

  • Setting up utility accounts (internet, Cable etc)
  • New furniture purchases
  • Disposal of unwanted items and de cluttering
  • Renovation and alteration costs
  • Painting and decorating
  • etc.

Closing Day / Moving Day

After your offer is accepted and firm (all conditions fulfilled), we prepare for closing day and moving day. Closing day is completed on business days, during business hours. Closing day is when the purchase transacting is completed. The funds are transferred to the sellers, financing (if required) is set up and registered with the buyer and property. Listed here are the next steps to ensure everything is set for closing day

Preparing for closing day

Buyers will have the right to re-visit the home 2 times prior to closing day. Visits are limited to 1 hour time. Buyers can use this opportunity to take measurements, paint samples, renovation quotes etc. To arrange this re-visit, just let me know when you want to go!

  • Ensure the remainder of the down payment is ready (total down payment minus offer deposit).
  • Ensure funds are ready to cover closing costs.
  • Arrange with financial advisor to set up financing, to be released for closing day.
  • Closing lawyer will provide a Statement o Adjustments. This is a full statement of all costs, closing fees, funds repaid to sellers, and down payment. A total amount will be given to the buyer, and the buyer must bring this amount to the lawyer for closing.
  • Buyers will meet withe the lawyer 1 - 3 days prior to the closing day. Buyers will sign all closing documents, provide cheque for balance of closing funds and down payment.
  • Set up utilities. Hydro, Gas, Water, Cable, Internet, Phone.

Steps that take place on closing day

  • Financing is released to the buyers, and registered with the property.
  • Funds are transferred to the sellers
  • Registration of property title is transferred to new buyers
  • Utilities, as required, are transferred. Hydro, Water, Gas etc.
  • Any rental items, or contract items that are to be assumed, as per the purchase agreement, will take place. Example: Hot water tank (if applicable and rented) or Alarm system contacts with companies.
  • Closing completion usually occurs in the afternoon, between 1 - 5 PM. Once completed, the lawyers will call you, and inform you the keys are ready for pick up at the law office! Congratulations!! You now own the home.
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