CE Chapter 8: Why go to church?

There are ten terms that are used to describe how the Church should be a part of our sacramental faith.










And Sharing


Openness is essential because we must open ourselves up to God in order to receive his grace.

If we are open and silent then we are allowing God to speak to our souls.

Being open to God avails ourselves to him so that he has the chance to contact us and turn us in the right direction because being open to only him doesn't allow anything else to tamper with the connection between God and one's soul.

God is constantly standing out right in front of us with his arms wide open. It is our duty as Christians to do the same for God.


Receptivity goes hand in hand with openness.

Receptive can also be referred to as reception or a grasping of something. The only way a person can be receptive is if they are accepting of the thing in which they are receiving.

Receptivity is essential because we need to be accepting and willing for God to enter our lives and our soul. We must be open.

People are willing and accepting of something if someone feels that it is good. God is the ultimate goodness, so it is our calling to reach out to him and receive him.


Christianity is for both the body and the soul. That is how God made his religion for us.

Religion fundamentally means "relationship." Relationship can be used in context of in relation with God or in relation between body and spirit.

Because we, God's children, are in a relationship with God, God provides us with his gifts and services. We are called to give back to God through our sacramental faith experiences.


It is our duty as Catholic to attend Church with our physical bodies in order to worship God.

Our bodies connected with our souls. As the Holy Spirit is to the Church, our souls are to our bodies.

We should not only be at church in the physical form, but in mental presence as well.

Christ's body is the central focal point of the existence of the Catholic faith under all of the sacraments. As Catholics, we believe that the bread and wine is transformed into the Body and blood of Christ. Our physical bodily presence at Church is just as important to our mental attendance because otherwise we would not be able to receive the Body of Christ.


Presence at Church is essential to having a strong faith.

Presence can be both physical, mental, and spiritual.

The physical side to presence is attendance at Mass. the mental aspect is thinking about God and one's faith. The spiritual part to presence is the inclination at Church and the activity in the community. Ex. Singing at Mass or Community service.

As Catholics, we worship God at Church because we believe that he is really there and his presence is real (Eucharist).

God shows is presence to us outside of Chirch as well. We see him in literature, other people and in nature.

The Church presents Christ in two ways: Through the Word and through the sacraments.


Authority is present when one has a sense of leadership in their community. Actions and efforts go farther than the actual words that are produced.

Authority can also be linked with bravery. Not being afraid to preach your beliefs to the public or not being afraid to tell the world that you are a Catholic is exactly how God wants all of us to be.

Catholics are fortunate enough to have magisterium where they grew up with the Catholic faith under their belts, thus, salvation for them is more direct.

The Church is not an overbearing power figure. It is a teacher. That's what magisterium means.


God gave everyone gifts and talents. We, as Catholics, have to realize our vocation and what it is that we have to offer to our community which were originally given to us by God.

Our gifts are very closely associated with sharing because we are suppose to share our God-given gifts and talents with the world.


Community is an essential part to the Catholic religion, but it is not one of the main reasons to go to Church.

Community is a term that is closely associated with sharing and celebration because they can only be done in communion with other people.

Community is something that doesn't have to take place in the Church. Community is something that you can appreciate in Church, but many communal activities occur outside of the Church setting.

Church is a place where people go to meet God. It is not particularly a place where people go to meet other people.


Celebration is another reason to go to Church, but yet again, it is not one of the essential reasons to go.

Church is a celebratory thing because people come together to celebrate and profess the faith and idea that Christ is risen.

All of the sacraments are celebration worthy because they are privledges given to us by God and the community.

It is worth celebrating over the idea and belief that Jesus saved everyone's souls so that we may live a life of eternity with Him.


Sharing is another concept that the Church encourages within the Church community.

It is so well accepted amongst people because sharing is an act of love.

We share our gifts and talents with the world and with God because we love the world and God.

It is an action of caring and love because it spreads happiness and joy just as God intended.

Like the saying goes, "sharing is caring."

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