Profolio Ryan Lam P.3

Hey! How's it going? My name is Ryan Lam, if any of y'all really know me I am a very outdoors person. Meaning I like to play many different sports, anything active I will normally like doing besides golf. A little description of what i liked in this semester and past years of photography is taking portraits of people attempting to hopefully make them look really sexy in shots.

So these three photos are what i used for the revisited project back in freshmen year. I chose this one specific project to hopefully do better of making him into s zombie. He does look a lot better then freshmen years with more detail but sadly he still doesn't look like a zombie. The other two photos are nice because of the detail it had all in the photos. The finance office is where I would stay if a Apocalypse did happen. I like that shot a lot because it actually looks like it was an abandoned wording just sitting there for ages. The camera is what I would use to monitor my surrounding but it also has a nice clean background and was very crisp. I didn't think about doing this when i was editing Jacobs face but i should've out a zombie layer over his face rather then do all the scars and wounds first.

My challenges in this photo was trying to get the right lighting because of how bright the day was and what angles i was taking it from. Since I was taking shots with the sun facing me, the glare and the ISO would kill my shots. These photos represent my shots because they show how crisp i can take shots at times.

So the process I took for the kit Kat photo wasn't too bad but Nick would sometimes be lazy just to hold it for a few minutes. hahaha. Now for the one of Tiffany that one was difficult because of all the things in the background, making it look like something was growing out from the back of her. So i took at least one hundred photos of her just moving back and fourth trying to get the right image. The kit Kat photo means to try and keep your environment clean by picking up trash off the ground while Tiffany's photo is to show that you should always be school ready.

In my opinion the way it makes it a great photo is that I was able to get Liz to have a true smile and not a fake one. Which made this photo brighten up a lot more then if she were to have a fake one. The other photo is also great cause i actually got her off guard when looking into the camera. They both are great portraits because there is a ton of green in the background, great lighting, and the reactions are true reactions on her face.

For the pair of shoes it was challenging trying to get good lighting because it was indoors. Taking shots inside is hard because you can only have certain lighting judge of your own light in the house. The second one was trying to get the hat at a good angle to make it look good enough to show other people. I couldn't just take a regular photo or other people will just look at it as another hat rather then the hottest item to wear. The next cool but challenging shot would be trying to get photos of random people doing their own thing. It shows students how to be active by going outside but trying to get an active shots of other people.


What I definitely feel better about this year is my portrait shots and taking pictures on the fly. Comparing my shots to my freshmen year photos to now is a huge jump on improvement because i kept on changing my angles from where i took shots. Some photos looked much more powerful from others because of the way it came out. Also, looking around your surroundings for different objects to blur out in the background can either make the photo bright and positive or even dark and negative. The goals I hopefully will accomplish second semester which will be my last semester here at Serra :( is to get much better at Photoshop. I really have no clue why but I'm just not good at working on Photoshop haha. In order to get back at working on Photoshop is by just taking more time and coming in on my free time to slowly get the hang of working on it myself. My last goal for next year would have to be me trying to still work on my lighting at anytime of the day. That is a tricky part but i will have to get used to it. Just by taking different angles to hopefully make the shot look really nice or even trying to keep on messing with the camera setting until the lighting is just right.

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