Kids and Technology by: Maria Sosa

March 16, early in the morning, a student around the age of 10 was watching a movie on her phone very close to her face because her vision isn’t very good. The student was seen doing this more than one time.

The student already wears glasses. Besides the phone doesn’t have a very big screen. Her vision only gets worse and worse.

According to Dr. Naranjo, who has been an eye doctor for 25 years, interviewed by a student in EARJ, said that this problem is very common. Kids are only forcing their vision more when watching something that close. He also says that in this specific case there is no reason why the kid should be holding the phone so close since the kid already wears glasses. As a consequence, kids use high prescription glasses at a younger age which are most of the time prescripted to older people.

No doubt kids are using electronic devices more and more nowadays. Kids getting so attached to their electronic devices that they are not realizing the negative effects of technology. Kids only realize how much they are using electronic devices when they look at the time and realize how long they have been on their electronic device or if there is something wrong with their vision or health.

After doing some investigation, a student decided to do a survey and asked students between the age of 13 and 14, at what age they got their first electronic device, the results were surprising! Out of the 10 students that answered the survey, 9 students said that they got their electronic device between the ages of 6-10. That is almost the majority of the students that answered.

Graph about the suvey

In fact Jeannie Galindo, in the article “When to Introduce Your Child to a Smartphone or Tablet” on the website PBS Parents. Jeannie is a supervisor of instructional technology, “In an unsupervised environment, I wouldn't recommend a smartphone or tablet purchase for a child until at least between the ages of 11 and 13.” responded to the question. This is because the kids are supposed to go outside, do after school activities. Also entertain kids with something else besides electronic devices.

Some teachers in EARJ were interview about the issue. They were asked if their kids used electronic devices. They were also asked if they thought it was a good thing for young kids to use electronic devices and what were their recommendation or what they do to control the amount of time their kids use electronic devices.

“I think it should be limited and carefully monitored by parents and teachers.” said Ms. Florence,teacher at EARJ for 25 years, interviewed by a student at EARJ. This shows that kids should use electronic devices at a young age but kids should not be 24/7 on their devices and parents should always control the time of use.

Right after school ended a young kid was sitting on the sidewalk, he was all alone playing on his phone. Others kids around him were also during the same thing. The students didn’t talk to each other. The student’s brother arrived, he saw him playing, he leaned down to talk to him.

The brother told the student, “Please, I need you to do your homework.”

The student responded, “Don’t worry I am going to it in a minute.”

The students was so focused on his game that he didn’t pay attention to what his brother told him and kept on playing his game. The brother left. 5 minutes later the brother came back and got very made because the student wasn’t doing his homework. This shows that kids are too into technology that they are leaving aside more important things to do. That could also lead to the student failing at school.

Kids using phone.

Consequently, a good solution for this problem is that parents and adults should always limit the time that kids use their device. They can’t always be one their devices. Parents also should maybe give their kids their first electronic device at an older age. So that the kids are more conscious of what they use their device for. Kids can also maybe do all of their homework and other activities before they use their device. Another is for parents to enter their kids in an after school sport or activity so kids can take a break and be technology free for a period of time. As for kids, they can set a timer for a certain amount of time to use electronic devices. Additionally kids can analyze the situation, if they know that they have been using their devices all day at school, then they shouldn't keep on using their devices for a longer period of time at home.

Solutions for parents and kids.

Finally kids should use electronic devices at a certain age and for a certain period of time. As stated above it is recommended for kids to get their own electronic device at ages 11-13. Kids should also be very careful because they should keep a 30cm distance from their eyes to their device. Kids are also leaving aside their schoolwork due to using their electronic devices. Parents should also be very careful about what their kids are doing on their electronic devices.

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