The Story of P.G.T Beaureguard By: Sadie McDonald

Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, or P.G.T fought in the Civil War in 1861-1865.

Beauregard, was born in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana on May 28th, 1818.

Beauregard, was raised on a sugar cane plantation outside of New Orleans. Beauregard's family was half French-Welsh and Spanish-Italian. His mom, was Spanish-Italian and his dad was, French-Welsh. Beauregard, attending school at West Point Military School in New York in 1834.

Beauregard, faced many challenges while he was in war. One of the challenges he faced was he lost the Battle Of Shiloh, and almost lost his position as prominent General for the Confederate.

Beauregard, was a very important person because he created the battle flag for the Confederate know as the "Stars and Bars". Also, he was named one of the most important Confederate General's during the Civil War. Beauregard, also won and led the Battle Of Fort Sumter fro his first time being General.

Beauregard, was a real impact to American History because he fought in the Mexican - American War and called the first shots in the Civil War during Fort Sumter in April 1861, which led to victory.

Beauregard had many admiring moments in his War life, one of them was that he served as second-in-command for General Joseph E. Johnston during the Confederate victory at the First Bull Run in July 1861.

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