World Fair Trade Day 2019 WFTO Members' Celebration Guide

A focus on innovation

#FairTradeInnovates #TradeFairLiveFair

The World Fair Trade Day 2019 celebration on 11 May will proudly tell the world about the innovations from across the Fair Trade world. The theme is:

Fair Trade Enterprises pioneer innovations in production and business models. They are upcycling waste, challenging gender norms, finding new ways to distribute profits, giving opportunities to refugees, reaching marginalised groups and designing beautiful products. All of this is innovation. All of this we will celebrate.

Visit our WFTDay 2019 page www.wfto.com/fairtradeday2019

Fair Trade always innovates

World Fair Trade Day 2019 will capture the present and future of Fair Trade. We celebrate Fair Trade in May 2019 with stories of innovations that Fair Trade Enterprises are driving. It is about who we are and what we do. We are unique models of business and trade that put people and planet first. We practice innovation in everything we do - from production and trading relationships to marketing and product design. Fair Trade always innovates.

Tell the world why you are proud of your products... proud of our values

Fair Trade products are beautiful, human and capture the spirit of their communities. Let's tell this story.

How does your community shape the design of your products? E.g. you're incorporating local traditions into your products.

How are you adapting the way you produce and trade? E.g. Reducing your impact on the environment because you are built to listen to your community.

Do you turn problems into solutions? E.g. waste becomes products, refugees become empowered artisans?

Messages for Fair Trade Enterprises and retailers

Fair Trade products of WFTO members are high-quality, innovative and beautiful

  • Fair Trade is ethical business, supercharged
  • We create new models of business that put people and the planet first
  • Highly skilled artisans making superior quality products
  • We combine Fair Trade with eco-friendly techniques

MOTHERS DAY IN NORTH AMERICA: World Fair Trade Day falls (11 May 2019) a day before Mother’s Day (12 May 2019), two great occasions to take advantage of. Add a Fair Trade flavour to your Mother’s Day action. Every mum deserves a gift with Fair Trade's unique story.

Sample message on Mother’s Day: “Give your Mom a gift that gives twice - to your mother and the thousands of mothers who benefit from Fair Trade.”“Give your Mom a gift that gives twice - to your mother and the thousands of mothers who benefit from Fair Trade.”

For advocates:

We need a new economy full of new enterprise models. By telling the stories of innovation from across Fair Trade, we can make these models more relevant and inspire policy-makers to embrace the vision of an economy full of Fair Trade Enterprise.

Ask leaders to support and endorse the Fair Trade vision that is pioneering the new economy, a Fair Trade economy. This vision is full of Fair Trade Enterprises that put people and planet before profit.

#TradeFairLiveFair hashtag is particularly focused on advocacy, in particular around the SDGs on responsible consumption and production, and decent work. It complements #FairTradeInnovates

Advocacy in Europe

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office will be leading a pan-EU campaign around the European Parliament elections, which will take place on 23-26 May 2019, right after World Fair Trade Day.

The campaign aims to engage EP candidates through a focus around the EU sustainable production and consumption agenda. We hope WFTO members in the EU will both celebrate the innovations of Fair Trade while calling on their leaders to draw inspiration from Fair Trade's proof of concept that it is possible to have businesses that put people and planet before profit.

For more information on the EP elections advocacy, contact Sergi Corbalan (corbalan@fairtrade-advocacy.org)

Suggested events - Open Day

Open Day Activities

Invite your community to see how Fair Trade innovates and inspires through an open-day.

How producers and marketers can have an 'open-day':

WFTO members open doors for visitors, showcasing their facility, the production process, and exclusive sneak peek of new products. We hope this can promote your brand and strengthen the dialogue with your community. We want your videos and photos so we can show the world your open days.

How retailers and importers can have an 'open-day' (host a discussion):

You can use the World Café model to organise the discussion. This is an informal group dialogue where people go from table to table with a table host facilitating short discussions (each table on a different question or topic).

  • Table 1: What excites you about the examples you have heard?
  • Table 2: How can we better spread the word about these innovations?
  • Table 3: What could governments do to promote such innovations?
  • Table 4: How can citizens take action to promote such innovations?

Workshops, food tastings and skills-demonstrations

You can also focus your open-day on a particular skill, process or food tasting to allow the community to really appreciate your products. This can be:

  • Farmer members: Workshop on restorative and organic farming (composting, organic farming methods, natural treats for plants)
  • Food members: food tasting and cooking class
  • Handicraft members: workshop on weaving, beading, pottery, carving, soapmaking, etc.
  • Circular economy: workshop on upcycling or recycling (e.g. re-using or re-purposing of glass, textiles etc)
  • Fashion and accessories: Fashion shows, discussion on your latest fashion designs, fashion catalogues launch and more!

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