Ibstock Community College Newsletter - July 2020


Dear Parents, Carers, Students and Friends,

Dear Parents and Carers

We find ourselves at the end of a very different summer term this year and whilst we are all in need of rest and relaxation we have certainly missed the manic buzz of final weeks of term. The reward trips, celebration assemblies, Year 9 Prom and the grand finale the Leavers assembly.

Year 9 tutors have missed the opportunity to say a final farewell to their groups in person as they set off on their new adventures to upper school, no group hugs or photos this year.

During the lockdown we have tried very hard to provide lessons and learning in line with our knowledge rich curriculum and continued to support our student’s academic progress and wellbeing via email and telephone calls. As we now prepare for the reopening of schools in August we are confident that the plan we have in place will keep our students and staff as safe as possible allowing us teach a broad curriculum and support our students in person. Something we are all looking forward to.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have given to the staff at the college and the kind words we have received from so many, regarding the home learning resources and contact with teachers and students. I hope that this will make the return to college a little easier.

I hope that you enjoy this newsletter. It is truly a celebration of our wonderful, talented, creative young people who I am so proud of calling Ibstock students. I hope that as we say goodbye to Year 9 they will be feeling prepared for their next steps and I am sure that our current and new Year 7 students will be excited and inspired by the award winners, performers, artists and writers featured here.

Year 7 and 8 we look forward to seeing you again soon. I hope that you will be excited to return to college and to make the most of every learning opportunity. Although things will be a little different, we can’t wait to welcome you back. Information about the return to school can be found on our website https://www.ibstockcollege.co.uk/letters/return-to-school-autumn-2020

Year 9 it has been a pleasure to teach you, to support you and to watch you grow into brilliant young people. Seize every opportunity, try new things and work as hard as you can. Most importantly, be kind to yourself and to each other. Take care and have a wonderful summer.

Mrs Williams

Senior Leadership Team

We have seen some changes to our senior leadership team over the last year or so and we have continued to focus continuously on the effectiveness of leadership as well as the stability and continuity that we need at Ibstock community College during this time of change. My role as Executive Headteacher will continue, and I will also continue to link with Ivanhoe College in a strategic role. I am also delighted to confirm our permanent team going into next academic year:

  • Head of School Mrs Sophie Williams
  • Assistant Principal Mr James Mason – Teaching and Learning
  • Assistant Principal Mrs Diane Scott – Behaviour and Attendance (joining Ibstock in August)
  • Business Manager Mrs Caroline Smithers

As a leadership team we much look forward to continue working with all of our students, families and staff to continue to develop the highest possible quality of education for our community.

Education and learning has been so different for us all for the last few months! During the Covid-19 pandemic all senior leaders and college staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure that learning was able to continue for our students and we look forward to being able to welcome all our students back next term. Together with the board of governors, would like to thank everyone for their efforts during these unprecedented times and also to thank parents and carers for all you have done to support your children’s learning at home.

Anne-Marie Blewitt

Year 9 Awards

Graham Harbot - Dylan Gillespie

Awarded to the student in year 9 who stands out the most for achievement, behaviour, overall effort and attainment during their time in KS3. It is awarded to a student who is polite, well presented and a credit to the school.

Dylan, your academic abilities are of the highest standard and according to Mrs Mouncer, your English teacher throughout year 8 and 9 you are “one of the most outstanding students I have met in my career”. What a phenomenal accolade to receive. Mrs Sharma, your maths teacher also describes how you love the opportunity for role play in her lessons and are never afraid of standing in front of the class, explaining how to complete a task. Perhaps you are a future teacher in the making?, you already have the passion and work ethic required. Again, Mrs Mouncer says that aside from your academic ability it is your effort and attitude that truly sets you apart. You put 100% into everything you do whether that is an analytical essay or a short Do Now Task at the start of the lesson. She goes on to say “I have never known him to slack, not for a moment”.

Mr Norman, your form tutor is extremely proud of you. During the lockdown, you have consistently worked extremely hard and remained motivated and able to work independently to make sure that you make the most of every learning opportunity. The academic progress that you have made in the past three years is down to your impeccable behaviour and mature attitude in all of your lessons across the curriculum.

Student of the Year - Phoebe Tabberer

This is a student who may have helped and supported others, is a role model, popular amongst their peers.

Mrs Hayles, your form tutor is extremely proud of you. When asked for a few words about you she said “What can I tell you about ‘Tabs’”.

She goes on to describe you as “like an excited puppy - bright eyed, bubbly, always happy with a big beaming smile. She loves a bit of gossip lol ‘oh miss, you’ll never guess what….’ Very popular with students in the form and around school”.

Perhaps more importantly though, Mrs Hayles talks about you as loyal, caring, sensitive, thoughtful and hard working. Even though you most definitely love the social side of school (you have a great group of friends and you and Charlotte B are practically joined at the hip!!), you are committed to your studies and you always strive to achieve and to be the best you can be.

Most improved student - Thomas Bamford

This nomination could be down to simple progress or a student who has made a marked improvement in attainment, behaviour, effort or a combination of all of these over their time at ICC.

Mr Norman, your form tutor is extremely proud of you. In his eyes you have been a great addition to the tutor group, friendly, respectful and helpful with a positive attitude to trying new things. Across the curriculum you have made good progress and have realised that hard work really does lead to success. Long may it continue.

JV Measures - Jamiee Scott

Awarded to a student who has helped and contributed to the life of the college. A student who has put themselves out to help staff or the school on different events, or who has shown brilliant student responsibility inside and or outside of school. This student could also have done something that is also supportive of the local community or cause.

Mrs Higginson, your form tutor is extremely proud of you. In her eyes you are a great organiser with a positive attitude to trying new things. Across the curriculum you have consistently worked extremely hard and remained motivated and able to work independently to make sure that you make the most of every learning opportunity.

The academic progress that you have made in the past three years is down to your impeccable behaviour, faultless effort and mature attitude in all of your lessons both in college and at home. You should be extremely proud.

Amongst your peers you are a role model who has represented the college in badminton and completed the Sports Leaders award which is yet another great achievement however your talents don’t stop there. Jaimee, you have played a key part in the music extra-curricular programme in college. As a member of the vocal harmony group you have participated in just about every concert that has taken place during your time at Ibstock and on occasion, in their hour of need you have supported the orchestra in the absence of a drummer or by tapping along on the djembe. What a team player!

Rachel Graveson Triumph Through Adversity - Paige Proctor

Awarded to a student who has overcome or continued to achieve regardless of personal adversity or problems. A student who might not necessarily be the highest achieving student, but one that has been a massive success.

Mrs Sharma, your form tutor is extremely proud of you. In her eyes you are a great role model for not only year 7 and 8 but also year 9 students. You are extremely reliable and Mrs Sharma can say with confidence that all of your teachers and fellow students can always rely on you.

You always act in a mature manner and take responsibility seriously. It doesn’t matter whether it is a task set by teachers or yourself, you are always focused on completing everything to the very best of your ability. An example of this is ensuring that any work missed due to illness or medical appointments is always completed. During the past three months you have excelled across the curriculum and as teachers, we have been so impressed with your effort and hard work. As a result, you have received three consecutive superstar nominations. Brilliant!

Despite the personal challenges you face, you have been a constant source of support and encouragement for your peers, particularly those who struggle with a lack of self- confidence as you do. You have not been afraid to step out of your comfort zone especially when you completed the Sports Leaders qualification and represented the college in a variety of sports and in the swimming gala. As such a strong role

model, you have become a popular member of the tutor group, someone who your fellow classmates trust and respect.

In the same way and in a short period of time you and Mrs Sharma have built a strong professional relationship built on support and trust, something you have struggled with in the past. Your ability to develop and grow as a young person has been wonderful to witness.

100% attendance for all three years - Elise Hurst and Dyrhoo Escalona

Such a fantastic achievement – 100% attendance over your three years at Ibstock Community College.

As you know, we talk all the time about the importance of being in school, attending lessons and making the most of every learning opportunity.

You have both shown resilience, strength and determination coupled with a strong work ethic. This has enabled you to achieve great things and has prepared you for the future.

Online Art Exhibition

Over the course of the lockdown period, many students have used this opportunity to get creative. It has been so inspiring to see all the artwork you have been making! In light of this, Miss Moore has organised an online exhibition to showcase the hard work and talents of the students here at Ibstock Community College.

The exhibition will be showcased on the school website throughout the summer holidays-please make sure you take a look!


Year 9 Farewell Concert

Each summer, we hold a concert where we say goodbye to our year 9 performers. On Thursday 9 July at 10.30, the year 9 performers and Mrs Allen ‘met’ virtually to hold their farewell concert. The concert took an hour and covered all types of music from each of our performers. The music ranged from Dancing on my own to an original composition and everything in between from chart music to musicals or film.

They say where words fail, music speaks. This morning all of our performers demonstrated their wonderful skills and commitment to their music making - several of whom will be continuing on to GCSE music. Throughout lockdown, many of our students have been sending in videos of their performance, accessing online music resources and have in many cases, continued to engage online with their instrumental and vocal tuition.

At this time of year, not only do we celebrate our music making, but we also give thanks to our amazing team of peri staff. Thank you to Alice, Sarah, Danny, Warren, Julie and Rob for all the work that they do.

Thank you to all my year 9 performers who took part and to all students who have engaged with extra curricular music during their time at Ibstock. To all of year 9, it has been a pleasure to help you learn how to make music over the last three years. Good luck.

Mrs Allen

Home Learning


All three year groups were set a speaking and listening activity in English to complete as a home learning task. The purpose of this task is to help students to communicate with others confidently and effectively; skills they will need for their GCSE speaking exam as well as for college and work.

We have been delighted with the response. Our students were given the option of presenting to family and friends, or to present to their teacher via a video presentation or Teams meeting. We have been sent the most fabulous work and would like to thank the students for their fantastic efforts and their ability to work independently and with resilience. We would also like to thank those of you at home who have supported, contributed, listened to and enjoyed this work. We have had emails from students and their families telling us how much they valued the experience. And it was lovely for the students to have the opportunity, in these lockdown, isolated times, to work collaboratively with their families, friends and teachers.

Year 9s presented their Desert Island discs. As always we were overwhelmed by the maturity of our students. They selected music choices based around the nostalgic theme of the task and spoke to their families about music that evoked memories of key moments in their young lives. Some were moments that they won’t remember themselves, such as what was number one when they were born and their parents’ ‘our’ songs. And there were memories of happy and sad times; the losses and the gains; family holidays and school trips; siblings and best friends. I believe that each of them has created something really special that they will enjoy looking back at when they are older.

Year 8s presented the items that they would banish forever to Room 101. One student emailed me to tell me that ‘It was such fun to rant about the things I hate!’ This task needed skilled persuasive techniques to make their points stronger and our Year 8s embraced it wholeheartedly. These presentations were so entertaining and provocative – the hates ranged from spiders to dogs and sprouts to ice cream! Some choices were thought provoking, such as cancer, discrimination and pollution. Some were quirky and entertaining – gnomes, Comic Sans font, peeling paint and prawn crackers!

Year 7s presented ‘My Hero’ – and I am sure that there were a few damp eyes in some of your sitting rooms when your son or daughter paid a powerful tribute to you as their hero. Many of our students chose family members and the love, respect and admiration they showed for them was very moving. Others did some powerful research into characters such as Stan Lee, Mark Hamill, Mother Teresa, Buddy Valastra and Beatrix Potter – showing a massive range of their interests and hobbies.

A massive well done and thank you to everyone from the English Faculty.

Farewell to Year 9 from your Tutor

Farewell to the most amazing form group (9RS)

I’ve never thought I am going to say goodbye to you like this. However, during these times of uncertainty, I take great pleasure in the memories we have created and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you this year. You are an outstanding year group; full of fun, energy and a willingness to support each other unconditionally. You have brought me an enormous amount of pride and I know you will achieve great things. I wish you a bright future and a prosperous life. May you all be very successful.

Remember, believe in yourself because I believe in you!

Take care, stay safe and hope you stay in touch.

Mrs Sharma

Hello Year 9MH

Well, this was not quite how we expected to end the year! I hope you have enjoyed your time with us and have many fond memories to take with you, I definitely do! I wish you all the very best for your future studies, aim high, go and show everyone how great you are!!

Take care and best wishes for the future.

Mrs Hayles

A Farewell to 9DW

So, it’s time for you to move on to ‘pastures new’. I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish you well as you close one door and open another. This is a strange present we find ourselves in, but I am sure that the future holds many great things for you, and the one thing none of us should do is dwell too long on the past. It’s time to go…!

Do your best to grasp all of the opportunities that come your way as they may only appear that once.

Of all of the things I could wish for you, now or in the future, I wish you happiness.

I will leave it George Bernard Shaw with one of his trademark bon mots to wish you farewell – “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

Goodbye and good luck.

Mr Wright

My farewell message to 9KN

I know if Mr Norman was here he would be telling me in his own joking way, how awful you all were with a big smile on his face - then he would say only joking Miss Foster my form are just great!

I know you all were helpful, hardworking and a lovely group of students who will be missed – please continue to stay safe and we wish you the best of luck for your bright futures!

Miss Foster

Farewell 9KT

It’s hard to believe that the time has come for me to write this. Three years have gone so quickly. Although we’ve only been together as a form for this year, some of you have been with me since the beginning and most of you I have taught at some point in your time here at ICC. Let me tell you, it’s been an absolute pleasure!

I remember your wide-eyed, fresh little faces on your induction days when I turned a copper penny into ‘gold’ – priceless (excuse the pun)! Now, three years later, it’s been a privilege to witness you grow in maturity and character; I couldn’t be more proud of the people you have become.

Some of you have faced challenges along the way but your resilience and motivation to succeed has shone through and helped you to prevail. Speaking of resilience, our form time Routes to resilience panto project taught all of us that we can learn a new skill no matter how far out of our comfort zone it is – boys, I know you enjoyed learning the dances really!

Your successes have been varied and many. From Caitlin S and Thomas ‘Thomoose’ H representing you in the student council to Ben leading our form to victory in the swimming gala. Several of you have represented the school in sporting fixtures including Annie playing football and Hayden playing badminton. Sean and Holly were selected to become Sports Leaders too. There have been numerous achievements for attainment, progress and attendance – well done for your hard work. But let’s not forget your wider participation representing the school and our form (previously your house) in the Easter Bake offs, jumper designing and Christmas card competitions, sports days, charity events and much more. (I’m sorry couldn’t include everyone but you know who you are!)

Our time together has unfortunately been cut short but I hope that during your time at ICC, you have made some treasured memories, good friends and learnt a great deal, not just in your subjects but also about yourselves. Albert Einstein once said:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Hopefully, we have started you on your path to find your genius in whatever form that may be. You all have the potential to be remarkable; believe in yourself and anything is possible.

That just leaves me to send you off with a fond farewell. I wish each and every one of you all the very best for your future. I’m going to miss you!

Work hard and be good.

Mrs Tang

Farewell to 9TL

Well what a strange way for us to be finishing your time at Ibstock Community College, it is a shame to not be able to say goodbye in person so I will try my best here. It has been fascinating and enjoyable getting to know you all this year. Some of you I knew from the previous two years at the college but most of you I had yet to meet and you were always polite and kind to me, even when you didn’t get things your own way. Trying to learn the skill of juggling this year has been an interesting experience, some of you excelled at this skill and improved every week, some of you I think actually got worse at it each week and I hope you will all have this as a skill to bring out in the future. I have really enjoyed my time as your tutor, even if it didn’t always appear that I did. To see some of you grow in confidence and ability has made me really proud to be a part of your time at ICC, thank you all for the memories that you have given me and I hope you all have a fantastic future.

All the best in everything you choose to do, have an amazing time in your next school, you will all be amazing!

Mr Lane

Farewell to 9LH

Let me take you back to when we all met together at the end of August 2019.

If I had told you this is how your year is going to be - you would finish year 9 at Easter, do all your lessons on line, not see each other for weeks unless it was virtually, no prom or Alton Towers, no end of year assessments and that you would put your uniform back in the wardrobe (or floor) never to be worn again, you would have thought I was completely crazy. But, that’s how it has been!

You all came from different tutor groups and I wondered how you would all get on together. I needn’t have worried because you were absolutely fine. I have found you to be independent, polite, funny, friendly, motivated, hardworking (mostly!) cheerful (mostly!) and a super nice tutor group. The lockdown has proven to me you are all those things and more. You have shown how adaptable and resilient you have become. I am massively proud to have been your tutor and I know Mrs Smith feels the same way. To get to know you and your families in this short time has been a privileged and an honour. I’m only sorry that we were not able to celebrate together your success and time at Ibstock with our usual Pringle & Dorito party.

You have a super exciting time ahead of you and we wish you all the love and luck you will need on this new journey.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Higginson & Mrs Smith

Farewell Year 9

Well my brilliant, funny and unique Year 9s it is time for you to move on to your next adventure!

I have loved being your Pastoral Manager and know that each of you will do great things and have so much potential. Do not give up and keep working hard, the rewards will come to you if you keep going and ask for support and guidance when you need it.

Thank you for being you and taking on board all of these changes – I am really proud of each and every one of you!

Please take care and stay safe - I wish you all the best for your futures!

Miss Foster.

Stay Safe this summer

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