Tremendous Content Review 12-19 -- 01-01 (another double week review!)

Hey Guys, Gals, and some sort of third options! We've got another two week Content Review because I skipped last week. It was the Holidays, I was traveling with family, and I'm a bit selfish so I skipped last week. That was I can bring you this magnificent mega review on New Years Day! What better way to kick off 2017 huh? Yea, I'm a genius. lol!

Blonde Beer!

So to start 2017 our right I'm going to lead off with the biggest man in the hobby. BLONDE BEER of The Orange Road has been very busy over the past couple weeks. With multiple first looks and v1.3 reviews, the man is a machine! A machine that provides excellent insight into the new rule releases for T9A!


Next up is none other than CHIHAMMER (Warboss Tooth on the forums) He brings us a very important article with all the info you need to sign up for and attend DA' GAUNTLET this February (18-19). I believe this is the GT he helps to run, so if you're a fan of his channel, you will love this GT!

The Godfather (ONCEBITTEN360) brings us some great content as well! Some more philosophical Ramblings as well as every battle report (and an Intro) from his games at the Grail Quest GT! These are a great watch!

Oncebitten360 also brings us a video asking everyone to do their part and vote in this year's Warhammer YouTube awards hosted by Vince V.


2DSICK brings us a ton for great content! A rally amazing conversion video, a v1.3 review, and a ton of laughs is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out this guy's stuff! Its too good!


The Balcony guys have produced a ton of content over the holidays as well and as always, its top notch! Subscribe to these guys if you haven't already. It should be mandatory! lol!


So the guys over at The Green Dragon Gaming Club have been busy over the holidays as well. They have provided so much good content there is literally no reason for anyone to ever be bored again. Their videos are THAT GOOD!


Taking a break from Videos, the guys over at Fantasy Wargaming have put out another great episode where they go over "Tales from the Mancaaaaave!", a gift exchange, T9A Ponderings, and they announce their contest's winner!

Mr.Axhol brings us a quick but satisfying battle report of his Wasteland Warriors taking on the Greenskins! I really enjoyed this report!

RASMUS7814 brings us a great Battle report this holiday season as well! Kingdom of Equitaine take on their undead menace! Watch this video!

Feedm3 (Bustamooove) brings the community an indepth review of the Highborn Elves v1.3 Army Book. If you care about the fancy knife ears this is the review for you!


I've been lax this month. I know I have and I've already apologized. Work, Travel, Holidays.... its taxing. However! I was able to bring a couple videos where I could! Here's a Battle report and a call to vote in the YouTube end of year awards AND to dontant to UNICEF thru Vince Ventreulla's channel. Enjoy!

PETTERWASS Is up next and brings us a great paladin review! This man can paint AND his reviews are incredible! Take the time and check them out!

Wargames Addictos

GRYMMIR (WA) brings us a great Demon Legion vs. Empire of Sonnstahl battle report! I enjoyed this report immensely!

So that's it for the holiday Content Review! Needless to say its been a great holiday season and the review, I believe, shows that! With v1.3 dropping, the Full BRB releasing, and getting our first taste of T9A background I think 2017 is shaping up to be a hell of a great year! As always, if you have any comments, questions, complaints, or concerns, please say so on the forums! We'll talk it out! Hope you enjoyed the review!

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