Bartolommeo Berrecci By: Connor Butts

-Who was he?

-Bartolommeo Berrecci was born sometime in August of 1480 in Florence, Italy. He spent most of his artistic career in Poland. He was an architect who was very smart about what goes where and how to get things to stay upright. He had this big project he was working on in Poland called the Zygmuntowska Chapel. This chapel made him very busy so when he was not on the site overseeing the building process, he is at his home working on the architecture. Along with the Zygmuntowska Chapel, Berrecci also rebuilt the Wawel royal castle, and made the extension of the Niepolomice Castle. The people who patronized him were the people that hired him like King of Poland. The isms linked to Berrecci might be Classicism and Secularism. Classicism because on his most famous work , he shaped the rook like a dome, going back to Roman times. And secularism because it was made for one family and as we see in the image below, he draws the family and its close friends only.

This picture is from his biggest work, the Zygmuntowska Chapel. The chapel was built between the years 1519-1531 but final works were going on till 1533. The Zygmuntowska Chapel was constructed in Krakow, Poland. This chapel was such a big thing because it brought back the idea of domes from the ancient Roman times. This chapel is great piece of architecture because it once again captures the idea of domes and why they are so effective. It is still standing today so that shows how much of an intelligent architect Berrecci was. Finally this architectural masterpiece shows us today that sometimes we need to look at things that happened a thousand or two thousand years ago so we can expand on their ideas and learn from them. Like I said before I believe that classicism is the biggest ism shown here because of the dome. The dome is probably one of the biggest inventions that the Romans had during their prime years and Berrecci learned from that and made a great piece of architecture that is still standing today. This chapel stood out to me because of the backstory the architect has. He grew up in Florence and then one day was asked by the King of Poland to some over and build a chapel for him, that's kind of crazy. There's only the real thing and it is located in Krakow, Poland. Works Cited

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