Hiking on Red Hill the real work

every few days on the trails of Red Hill i stop to see and hear tree buds bursting, a pileated call ... echoing thru the pines, a newly unfolding flower, the rising sun ... cresting the rim of a new world ... backed by a dawn chorus, ... or fresh lion tracks in the mud ... and i witness these happenings in simple poems and a few pictures
down in the dusty world some may "laugh at me and say: 'It's all foolishness, your work!'" but others know,
they come to walk with me on these old trails, creeks, ridgelines
and every time, we find and share treasures common and rare
and we ... cherish the pleasures of time ... well spent witnessing beauty and daily miracles with wonder and in good company

ds-elf 2/17/2017

Created By
David Self

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