Football, Marching Band, and Cheerleading Senior Night 2019 Camille Shiffer and Rachel Reinhart

As the temperature drops and flannels and sweaters start to reimburse from the backs of our closets, fall sports are preparing for their last game of the year: Senior night. Football, marching band, and cheerleading are all apart of the same senior night considering the fact that all of their events take place at the same time, on the same field. Although they are at the same time they all have their own traditions that they partake in to celebrate their seniors.

Senior cheerleader Bre Harper's bedroom decorated by underclassman cheerleaders

Cheerleader Janelle ... tells us about the cheerleaders traditions for their senior night. "The cheerleaders all take part in decorating the porches of senior football player while they are at practice. Along with this the JV cheerleaders all help out in decorating the senior cheerleaders rooms after they have team dinner. lastly, All together, the cheerleaders take part in painting the rock and put the cups up for all three sports, football, marching band, and cheerleading."

Senior football player Shaydon Baker's porch decorated by cheerleaders

Next Senior football player Duncan Selph tells us about football and their own traditions. "We do a tradition called “senior tackle” where each senior chooses the people who have somehow impacted them in their four years at Kilbourne and they hold a tackle bag for their senior player as he makes his last tackle as a wolf."

Senior Jordan Castelli holding his cry towel made for him buy the underclassman

Next, Rachel Rinehart tells us about marching band and their unique traditions. Before they go out to senior night the marching band goes to the auditorium where all the seniors go up on the stage for their senior speeches. These speeches are typically either a thank you to the people who have impacted them most throughout their time in marching band, or it is sharing a favorite memory. Rachel Rinehart tells us about something unique that marching band underclassman do for their seniors, "after their speeches the underclassman give the seniors their "cry towels" which they decorated for them. These towels are for the seniors in case they start to cry during their senior night."

Marching band seniors class of 2019