An Old friend Abbey santoro

From kindergarten to the summer of 3rd grade Emily, Kennedy, and I were all best friends (we called ourselves the Three Musketeers). We always hung out together, only when one of our friends were busy we would hang out with only one of each other. We would even talk in those DS chat room’s since none of us had our own phones. In the summer we would hang out, go swimming, go to the beach, and put up tents in the backyards. During school time we would go to each other houses and play with Littlest Pet Shops, Barbies, American Girl Dolls, and go to Community School or Aston's playground. In the winter we would play in the Snow, go Sledding and try to make Snowballs for a fight (it never worked out well).

One cloudy and rainy day in the summer, me and Kennedy were hanging out. After about 4 hours of playing with toys, playing on the swing set, eating, and watching TV, Kennedy's mom came to pick her up. While our mom’s were talking Kennedy and me were Hula Hooping and Jump Roping. When she was about to leave Kennedy said: “Oh I forgot something in your room, I will be right back.” Me being the type of person I was said okay and went back to using Hula hoop and the Jump rope not thinking to go with her up to my room, she came back outside after a couple of minutes and left with her mom.

This is Emily in the picture with me

A couple of days later my mom came into my room. I laying on my bed watching television and my mom asked if she could see my Ipod. I said yes and went to get it from its usual spot; it wasn’t there. So my mom, sister, and I starting looking for it. We tore apart my room, my sister and brothers room, looked under all the couch cushions and in the Doll and many Teddy Bear baskets in my basement. Nothing. A week later and we still couldn’t find it. My mom got mad at me and punished me for two months, I never got punishments, so this was a first (also keep in mind I got this iPod about two weeks earlier for my birthday, so it was still fairly new).

Another couple of days later my mom got a call from Kennedy's mom, “I was in Kennedy's room, and I found a bag of Abbeys things and her iPod.” Her mom said she would return it and make Kennedy say sorry. She also said she would give her punishment. We got the bag of my stuff and iPod back, but that never happened. My mom called her mom, and she said that her daughter never apologized and her mom had no apologies and remained without remorse. My mom lifted the punishment and never talked to Kennedy's mom again. That was the end of Emily, Kennedy, and I’s friendship. Kennedy never apologized and blamed me for the whole thing.But I also lost me and Emily's friendship but that was because I ditched her in the talent show, but we are friends again.

After everything that happened, we only had one class together from then so I never had to talk to her which was a good thing. The last time I spoke to Kennedy was when she told me to stop talking about what happened years ago even though it was one of my friends who asked what happened to me and Kennedy’s friendship.

We didn’t even talk she messaged me on Instagram telling me to “stop telling people what happened in second grade; you should have gotten over that by now...” In the end, I learned that friendships would only last on trust and forgiveness. She never apologized so I never forgave her and our friendship has been over for years. I have new friends and so does she.

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