Haven The Heaven on Earth community

Elementary Schools

This elementary school is called Rainbow Wings Elementary. There's six elementary schools in total. This school is but one out of three that only allows pre-schoolers to 1st graders. The three other elementary schools can have pre-schoolers to 4th graders. Every single one is made to were kids would want to come back the next day.

Made to were kids can have fun inside and out for there play time

Mountain Peek

Mountain Peek is both a Middle school and a High school one of two schools that kids go too when their finished and it's the one school that has high school credit classes

The Haven Constitution

We the people of Haven in order form perfect world to live we mustn't look at each other and our lives through heavens eyes. Through all our indifference we're unique which in heavens eyes we're same not in how we look or the languages we speak or what we do but in how through all those indifferences our hearts beat as one. Science Technology & Economy- There no need for money or any type of trading technology would for example if someone wants to make a pizza they would only need four types of electronics one of them would be able to make all type of plant that grows vegetables fruit or wheat in three minutes the next one can make drinkable liquids like milk the next device can make any drink like milk into cheese or vice-versa and the last one is type a high tech oven able to cook food in a instant. Political- There would be no leaders just people elected to be the people's voice for a huge council that will meet once a year to see if what they can do to help the communities once a year. Then soon after the council meeting the people that were elected to be the people's voice would have to step down. Religious- Religiously I don't care what people but I would cross the line at people making signs saying the end is near or people make human or any type of sacrifice and also make it people like priest or nuns could fall in love get married and have kids. Ecological- Ecologically in my Utopia would be were only deer or ducks are aloud to be hunted but only during September and October and must be fully grown male deer and there would be no poaching because I'd make it to where there would be cameras that would be at the fences to see every angle and there would be 3-5 cameras at any access point and entrance to make sure no poachers sneak in and also people's cars so there sneaking in any weapons.
Town Hall
The Town Hall is made to were any one who walks through the front doors would feel right at home

This type of house is what the teenagers get once they graduate

This type of house is where the graduates get once they get married then the grandparents move once the first born child turns ten.

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