The Value of a Liberal Arts Education Why you should be thinking about a liberal arts college

Why You Should Be Considering A Liberal Arts Education...

While a university may provide one with a degree in the technical part of their major, a liberal arts degree will supply you with all the skills you'll need when pursuing your career. One should look into applying to a liberal college because, over time, many articles and reading selections have demonstrated how liberal arts are, in some ways, better than universities. with interviews and statistics extracted straight from students, alumni, and administration, in simplest terms, confirm the better opportunities a liberal education is capable of awarding.

After college, one should know how to enter and leave an interview with the utmost confidence, they should know how to be involved in a beneficial and healthy relationship with their co-workers and supervisors, lastly they should know what it means to be a human being. furthermore, you will have an actual relationship with your peers and professors, as the classes are accommodating and not drastic in numbers.

An education from liberal arts colleges will deliver all of that in a matter of years. A university gives you everything you need to know about your major, not yourself. So when considering YOUR college, concern yourself with what will work best for your future. Remember that liberal arts provide everything a university does and more.

next you will see four of the most successful liberal arts colleges and their stats. In addition you will see two marvelous liberal arts colleges stationed right in texas.

Williams College

Williamstown, Massachusetts

Acceptance Rate: 16.8%

Tuition: about $48,000

30 majors in 24 departments

enrollment: 2,099

Claremont Mckenna College

Claremont, California

acceptance rate: 9.4%

Tuition: about $47,000

40 undergraduate and 12 departments

enrollment: 1,328

Swarthmore College

Swarthmore, pennsylvania

acceptance rate: 12%

tuition: $49,000

60 undergraduate majors within 18 departments

enrollment: 1,000

Washington and Lee Univeristy

lexington, Virginia

acceptance rate: 19.5%

tuition: $46,000

37 undergraduate majors and 29 minors

enrollment: 2,264

Southwestern College

georgetown, texas

Acceptance rate: 52.2%

tuition: about $39,000

40 majors and 36 minors in 26 departments



sherman, texas

acceptance rate: 54.4%

tuition: 34,000

over 50 majors

enrollment: 1,353

Note: The enrollment numbers are not current. They are there to give you an idea about approximately how many students attend the college each year. And as you can see they are less than most high schools, which goes to show you that actual professional interaction happens between students and their professors.

i chose to approach you all with this because while choosing your college, which is arguably the most important decision of your life, you should take the time to understand all of your options. i just wanted to show all of you that there are many factors of a liberal arts education that are beneficial to you. there is a variety of liberal arts colleges near you! and as we all know you could always transfer! if you've realized a university is just not for you, take a turn for the best and attend a liberal college.

In my concluding words, I hope you enjoyed my presentation of liberal arts colleges


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