Roman Gladiators by evan b

a gladiator

Who were the Gladiators

  • The gladiators were people that had to fight to entertainment
  • Sometimes it was a punishment to criminals
  • They armed heavily with weapons
  • The gladiators did this for entertainment of rome
  • The romans liked the sight of blood (weird)
  • Could also fight against a wild animal
  • They fought till one of the gladiators accepted defeat
  • Or they would be killed during the fight
  • So, they built a Colosseum to host the fights
  • They would cheer for their favorite fighters
  • Just like today when you would cheer for favorite team

Where would they get the gladiators

  • Some of them are slaves
  • A lot of them were prisoner of war
  • But the people that volunteered were usually trained and skilled
  • Usually they were Thracians or lightly armed fighter from Africa

The Colosseum

  • The colosseum was sometimes flooded to react famous navy battles
  • Throughout the years it has been threw earthquakes, fire
  • It holds about 45 to 50 thousand people
  • It took more than 20,000 people to build it
  • It was free to get in
  • King would sit the closes to the fight
  • The women and slaves had to sit at the very top with the worse view
  • Under the area was series of tunnels of two stories where the gladiators waited and animal waited
  • They actually have elevators that lead to the opening of cage and go to the arena
  • Then they would pop out of trap doors
  • They would have elephant’s, rhinos, even tigers and ostrich
  • It was believed that they had a halftime show

What is like for the gladiators

  • Gladiators fighting is the most dangerous combat sport ever
  • They would put mask on some gladiators
  • The mask would cover their whole face
  • The mask would take away their personality and look like a demon
  • Only 20 percent ended in death
  • a myth was that they would point Thumbs down
  • which meant death to the loser not dead yet

Famous Gladiators

  • Spartacus
  • a roman slave believed
  • he started prisoners to fight against the roman army
  • he was sold to Lentulus Batiatus of a gladiatorial school
  • there he was trained to be a gladiator


  • he was a very well know military Third Servile War
  • he used to be a minor gladiator
  • be hated his leader in the school
  • so he broke out of the school
  • became one of the best gladiator

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