Motion My learning journal November 2018

First class

This assignment was very hard for me. I did try a lot in order to get a smoother movement and its not working. I hope in animate i can make the motion slower and smoother. I did combine images i took from Pixabay and shapes made them black and white with tint in order to reduce colors for the gif then i created 8 grups with four shapes and images in it made a screenshot of each group and placed all 8 screenshots in a new potoshopfile playes around wit delay and tweenig but with no improvement to the motion. Decided to wait what i can do with this in Animate after i saw the file Josef prepared in Photoshop and what came out in Animate i am sure there will be a big improvement. I never used animate so i kept all simple. The gif is in the assignements. And i rendered it as a video and loaded it to Spark Video. In order to get it as a gif i placed the video three times. Great that there is a square option in Spark Video! Because Spark cuts if the proportion is not right. Thanks to the great classes that made all understanding much easier!

I could not see the animated gif in the beginning and searched all over in the end it was my firefox in google chrome the gif works. I have pop up blockers in firefox so they have caused the problem i guess. Here is the gif on behance.

Finally i found another way to get smooth gifs: Extract videoframes to layers. I took this instruction

Class 2

This assignment was not easy. I opened animate for the first time and was lost. After the life classes and watching many videos on you tube (specially this channel was useful) i started to understand a little how animate works. I could not use the exact photoshop file and made something easier. I used the different tweening modes, alpha channels, transformation tool , easing and coloring. I like this images that seem to move even without moving and i just scaled it in order to get a kind of breezing effect. I ended up with three layers, one the background, one the light behind the man and one for the man. I used motion tween and shape tween for the man. In the beginning i scaled the man too but it was too much. So just change the colors. I found manz great options for coloring and played around all but ended with very subtle changes of the color and kept the background black and white in order to get a good result for the gif and less size. The gif is on the edex and on behance.

There is many options and i just did my first animation in animate and will learn it much better its a new tool for me that i like and its easier then After effects and all other animation and Video apps.


First of all that was a really great course that opens a hole new world for me. I start to like animate and its options. But i find it would be much easier for beginners in such a small course to focus on animate and built there something from scratch using may be files from Photoshop and Illustrator for advanced users.

This course was full of content and i want to thank all the tutors and students all the classes and the content on the Edex.I hope there will be a long course in animate soon and it was good to see that even as a real beginner this courses are built in a way anybody can use them. I did courses in Apps that i use daily and courses that all was for the first time and in both i took a lot of new things and a lot that changed my work also while not teaching. I am sure as a teacher you get a lot of new ways to teach and i am sure many students and kids will have a lot of fun with all the provided content from this courses.

Another course ended and i hope to see you all soon in the next one. Thank you!

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Susanne Tamir


Pixabay and design Cuts

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