DIY Bees Wax Easiest method

DIY Bees wax food wraps

The original intention of this blog was to show everyone how to create your own Bees Wax Food Wraps from scratch. Whilst shopping for supplies at the Fremantle Markets I came across the Natural Storage Co store - Link here. They have an amazing range of natural products including bees wax food wraps, produce bags and tea towels, but my favourite thing that I came across there was their premixed beeswax blocks. At first I thought it would be cheating to opt for these, but as the old saying goes – work smarter not harder 😉

The premixed wax blocks are everything you need to create your own food wraps. Majority of the other recipes and how to guides that I found online require a lot of steps to get the wax concoction just right, but with these premixed blocks it’s easy as pie! The blocks come with step by step instructions to not only create your wraps, but also how to take care of them. You can opt to use the oven to melt your wax, or an iron. We went with the oven as it seemed that there would be less room for error on my part.

Step 1:

Pre heat your oven to 150° and gather everything you need! A baking tray, tongs, silicon brush and your cotton fabric will do the trick. We used a cotton pillowcase and cut it to our desired sizes. Natural Storage Co’s recommendation is to start off small with a 15cm x 15cm piece and go from there. This is how we started, and it went off without a hitch.

@naturalstorage comes with bees wax and very detailed instructions

Step 2:

Once the oven is preheated, place your wax in the centre of the tray and into the oven. Once you are happy with how much of the wax has melted – this will be dependent on how many wraps you are wanting to make, but you can always melt a little, take it out, then melt a little more etc – take out the tray and place the unmelted wax to the side. Pop your fabric in the wax and ensure it is covered evenly. This is where the silicone brush came in handy, and we also used the tongs to flip the wrap over. *HOT TIP * Use a flat based oven tray - okay this may be simple to some but my excitement took over and I grabbed the nearest oven tray 😶

Step 3:

Using your tongs, pick up the wrap and hold it over the tray to ensure the excess wax has dripped off, then use the tongs to waft the wrap until it is dry. You can put the tray back in the oven with the wrap if the wax started to dry before you were able to finish. Once dried, place off to the side for a couple of hours to allow the wax to set. Once the last one is set to the side complete the process again for any additional wraps you would like to make.

Sway the fabric back and forth, careful of the excess wax!

A couple of things to note; use a flat baking tray. Ours had grooves in it which meant the spread of the wax was not as even and I had to use the silicon brush a lot more to spread the wax evenly. Also, the wax is hot hot hot! So please be careful when wafting that all the excess wax has already melted off. A pair of fabric scissors are a great way to shape the fabric so strands of fabric dont come apart (can be done after, and that is definitely what we will be doing once we can go down to spotlight once lockdown is over!).

Overall, this product was brilliant! It took about 15 minutes to make five wraps, all of which were different sizes (two big enough to go around a large bowl), and now we are a glad wrap free household. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare but still want to make a sustainable choice without breaking the bank, the wax blocks are definitely the way to go.

This particular wax kit was from @naturalstorageco and we couldn’t recommend enough! I should have picked up some of their cute fabric 🥰