Militarization of Daily Life By flora haberkorn

Doc Martens are hardy boots constructed in the same fashion as military issue combat boots. A staple for the rebellious teenager. Available at your local Walmart and shoe store.
The Guardian is a colorful replica of a real weapon that is used by the Special Forces U.S. military branch in times of war. This toy gun (and the ones around it) allows kids to enact their own military scenario in their own backyard using realistic lights and sounds. Available at your local Walmart and children's toy store.
Games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield allow players to be immersed in a simulation and experience war digitally. Then after, they can have some family fun by playing some Mario Party with friends. Available at your local Walmart and Game Stop store.
SOG knives are named after the Studies and Observation Group, aka the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observation Group: "a highly classified United States Special Operations Forces unit which conducted clandestine and covert operations prior to and during the Vietnam War". Student discounts are available on this item. Available at your local Walmart and arms store.
The Jeep is modeled after the WWII Willys MB U.S. military utility vehicles that were created as a lightweight means of transportation for military personnel in war zones. Jeep comes in both affordable and luxury cars available to everyone at a reasonable price. Available at your local Walmart and car dealerships.
Now you too can own your very own military item available for civilian use at any of these locals. Walmart: Save Money. Live Better.

Note: Walmart doesn't have a car dealership, but they did try to sell used cars at some locations. Article available here:

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