Startup Showcase 2017 Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship

On April 28, 2017, we showcased the best student startups from across the University of Pennsylvania

Eight finalist teams competed in the Startup Challenge

CitySense: Mitch Gainer, WG’18, Marc Giesener, WG’18 and Christophe Williams, WG’18

Coursalytics: Ilya Breyman, GED’17, Alex Dolinskiy, Vasily Shmelev, Kostas Kolomeetz, and Valeria Zimina

Harper Wilde: Jenna Kerner, WG’17 and Jane Fisher, WG’17

Neuroflow: Chris Molaro, WG’17, Adam Pardes, GR’19, Sam DeLuccia, GEN’17, Jenny Wang, GNu’17, Taylor Concannon, ENG’17, GEN’18, and Matt Roll

Ride Health: Sumun Khetpal, C’17, W’17, Imran Cronk, C’16 and Vedant Thyagaraj, C’19, W’19

RightAir: Thomas Uhler, C’19, W’19, Jacob Brenner, Marek Swoboda, Perry Dubin, and Michal Swoboda

Splaced: Emily Smith, WG'17, Ruchi Banka, WG’17, Jake Kramer, WG’17, Dan Norelli, WG’17, Matt Panas, WG’17, Trang Pham, WG’18

Twine: Joseph Quan, WG’17 and Nikhil Srivastava, WG’17

The judges asked tough questions

In the Forum, over 30 student startups demoed to an enthusiastic crowd

Student entrepreneurs gave their elevator pitch to alumni investors--in a real elevator

Everyone took awesome photos

Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett made sure we knew how much he supports entrepreneurship

And Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship awarded all the Startup Challenge prizes!

Twine won the $30,000 Perlman Grand Prize


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