My Happy Life HOME Это Дом

For me, the perfect house would be in the wood. Like you can't go there with a car or maybe a little trail, when I get older it will be easier to get there. In it there will be all wood material, and a tree inside could be interesting. It will be a lot technologic, screen and not paper everything will be on a virtual paper. There will be a laboratory in the basement so I will be able to do my veterinary research. It will be compose in 3 stage, the basement, the main floor and the second floor and on the top of the second floor there will be a balcony so I will be able to observe the wildlife around. The kitchen will be on the main floor it will be large and luxury.

Kitchen... Hummm... Food..

The bedroom will be in the second floor and with a view on the river, cause there will be a river against the house just like you can see in the top first picture.

Bedroom will look like this.

The basement will be cut in two part. First one will be the laboratory, realy technologic, the type who would make all the scientist jealous. The second part will be a nuclear bunker so if a nuclear attack happen I will be secure.

The bunker
The lab.

Everything will be compose with an artificial inteligence just like Siri so I will be able to "talk" with my house and acced to all the thing that happen in the house. And it will be secure just as the White House. Nobody will want to approch without my autorisation. This is my Happy Life Home ad!

Alexis Asselin Gr:419 LM Words:281

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