Corona Diaries 22nd - 28th Rachel Brennan

March 22, 2020 - Sunday

Since there is nothing else to do, I decided this morning after getting ready I would have almost like a mini photoshoot in my room. I showered, put on some nicer clothes, and did both my hair and my makeupㅡkinda. After a few pictures of me, I also then decided to grab one of my stuffed animalsㅡEeyore from Winnie the Poohㅡand took pictures with him.

I did some online shopping today because I have no self-control when it comes to that type of thing and there’s nothing else to do all day except that. But for the number of clothes I bought, it was pretty cheap and they’re still delivering even with the quarantine. I’m glad some stores are still delivering and restaurants that usually don’t do carry out have started to because they could possibly go out of business without people coming in and sitting. We’ve been trying to eat take out as much as we can so businesses are still bringing in money.

March 23, 2020 - Monday

Today was the real first day of online school since last week was spring break and honestly, it’s not much different than last week. Since most teachers believe we’ll be back after the three weeks are up, they didn’t give us much to do. And if they did, it was nothing new or something we haven’t learned and the deadlines aren’t too strict.

My dad has set up his ‘office’ at a desk where we keep a lot of toys from when my brother and I were younger, FunkoPop figures, and lots of legos. He got bored on a conference call and decided he’d make something with the legos. And my mom danced around the kitchen while making dinner so I think it’s official. We’ve finally lost it after being stuck in the house all day long every day of the week.

Light saber mustache and apocalyptic glasses

I was able to get out today with my mom and go to Kroger to grab a few things we had been running low on. But there was still no toilet paper, paper towels, or disinfectant wipes. The shelves were completely empty. But there were still tons of canned soups and foods on the shelves which I thought people would be buying a ton of considering it lasts much longer than most foods.

March 24, 2020 - Tuesday

I had my first online meeting things today for both English and Math so we could clear up the deadlines since they were messed up because spring break ended up being the first week off. They also covered what we will be doing the next few weeks. But it is harder to keep up with the deadlines with everything online because you are constantly having to check google classroom or schoology for updated or new due dates.

Because we’re stuck in the house all day, we’re all starting to go crazy. Being around each other 24/7 is not the move. And since the governor issued a ‘stay-at-home’ order, we’re aren’t getting out to the stores as much as we had been before and we aren’t able to eat out at restaurants. So I’ve been going outside a lot to get out of the house and away from my parents and brother for at least a little while. And it’s not only us. Our dog also has been restless and annoying the crap out of us, pouting and whining in the bay window.

March 25, 2020 - Wednesday

With the Coronavirus getting worse and more of the population catching it, people still aren’t settling down and relaxing. But there are a few places around the US that are trying their best to keep the people living there calm and hopeful that things will get better. In San Francisco, there are two phrases written on pieces of cardboard nailed to a building: “We will get by,” and “We will survive.” In Seattle on the Paramount Theatre marquee, they posted, “This is just intermission, we’ll see you soon.” In Nolensville, Tennessee, people are putting up yard signs in their neighborhoods to show their support for the doctors living there and that they greatly appreciate what they are doing and recognize what they are risking. And in Downtown Los Angeles, on a closed theatre marquee, it says, “After every storm comes a rainbow.” And so much more. People are still trying to lift each other’s spirits.

The cases in the US hit over 65,000 today and almost 1,000 deaths. I know that it’s a lot of people that have died from it but when it’s compared to the number of cases, it’s a small number. People are recovering and getting better; it’s just the matter of who they were in contact with and when that’s the problem.

March 26, 2020 - Thursday

My parents are refinancing the house and today, they were supposed to meet with the people to sign the papers. The appointment time was at 9:00 and they were waiting for a while before my mom called and asked why they weren’t showing up. It took them almost 20 minutes for them to get back to her because what had happened hadn’t been told to anyone. They had someone in their office test positive for Coronavirus so last night, they all were quarantined and are being tested. And because they go to the people’s houses, it’s possible that the person infected anyone in the houses they went to.

We’re just glad they caught it in time before they came here or else my parents would have come in direct contact with someone that had been exposed to the virus and my brother and I could then get it from our parents. We all feel like we dodged a bullet; it’s not exactly scary but it’s shocking to realize we all came that close to being exposed to it and possibly contracting it. But it’s not exactly us that we’re worried about: my mom has been helping our neighbor who is older and is recently getting over being sick; my dad’s boss has a weak immune system and isn’t really able to leave her house so my dad has run out to grab her a few things she needs because she can’t do it herself.

March 27, 2020 - Friday

When looking through Pinterest today and when I went to search something up, I noticed that the popular/top searches were “What to do when bored” and “What to do during quarantine.” Because of the stay-at-home order issued a few days ago, people are getting more restless by the days. There’s also a treading sound on TikTok that many are using, “Bored in the house,” and it’s hit almost 110K videos using that sound.

Today, the House passed a $2 trillion aid package to help the US fight against the Coronavirus and it is the largest emergency relief package in American history. This Coronavirus aid bill approved hundreds of billions in support to businesses and cash payments to most people in the US, the amount depending on their income per year.

Doctors are saying that more people are dying of the Coronavirus than we know and that the government is telling us. Cases hit over 100,000 today and deaths are now over 1,500, with about 2,500 recovered. They are also not testing people as much as they should. Hospitals have been turning people away and saying they aren’t testing there and/or don’t have the proper equipment to fully gauge whether or not a patient is positive for COVID-19.

March 28, 2020 - Saturday

This morning would have been the first time I would’ve gotten to coach a soccer game by myself. My dad also coaches my brother’s soccer team and they were supposed to have a tournament this weekend to kick start their season so he would have needed me to coach his girl. I was so excited to coach them on my own but now, we can’t even get together to practice or just hang out. I miss being with the girls. We’ve only had two practices with the girls and they weren’t even official practices; they were only days that the weather was nice and we could get out on the field. My dad and I stopped by the fields today and the parking lots as well as the fields were completely empty where there should have been tons of people and no spaces for you to park.

Soccer First
Spindler Soccer Fields
Hilliard Soccer Complex

It’s hard being away from them for so long. Once I got to know them and as soon as I got comfortable around them, I couldn’t wait for the next time I got to see them. It was the best part of my week. And I always took seeing my friends at school for granted because I never thought I wouldn’t get to see them almost every day.