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Habits is what a person does daily or Often. In this poem "Against Which" by Michael Ryan, talks about how habits that are done frequently grants a person happiness. In the first part of this poem, it reflects on how Habits are like a bull stuck in a brick wall smacking the wall nonstop till it's out. This reflects to me because my habit is boxing in which I do daily. "And my version of what I know is like eye surgery with a backhoe", this shows us that boxing is not easy to do but still gives me joy while doing it. I'm like the bull because i box day in and day out.

In this poem it's telling us how a person will always be the same person and how people in a family will always be family. " the dear only knows what will next prove a rose " Dears have far vision and can pick up slightest movement. So this means that only some people can see from far what will be next for the family . This reflects to me because I can see the from far what's next for me and where boxing is going to take me.

In the poem "The Soldier" by Rupert Brooke tell us that if he was to die to think of him as a product of England. He thinks of himself as a richer dust beneath the surface of the earth that England bore, and shaped. And that he won't be who he is without it. This reflects to me on how I'm a student because without me being a student I won't be who I am today. Also this reflects to me because if I was not a student I won't have the same perspective on how I see my future and what I want to do. Being a student made me who I am today and what I do towards my future.

It's describing that in life you have little but so much at the same time because time really flies by faster than you notice it is moving. This connects to my life because it's crazy to think about that I'm already a junior and I'm about to graduate in about a year and half.

I relate this poem to my personal life because I'm a young athlete who's trying to achieve my goals. I train to get better each day, instead of karate I box, I train 3 to 4 hours a day. Then an hour of just breaking the weights.

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