Getaway: England Joshua Caldwell

This past summer Manchester United ditched the old style wood finish in the locker room for a more modern look. Each player now has their own padded seat, as well as storage space for equipment behind their jersey.
The view from Anfield, overlooking the neighborhoods of Liverpool. You can also see Everton's stadium, Goodison Park. Anfield is the sixth largest stadium in England with a record attendance of just under 62,000.
Harrods, possibly the most famous shopping center in London, with an annual revenue of $298M. Harrods is the largest department store in London with 330 departments, and 1.1 million square feet of retail space.
The Queen Victoria Memorial, located in front of Buckingham Palace. The monument is 25 meters high and uses 2,300 tons of white Carrara marble. It was designed in 1901, and unveiled in 1911.
Liverpool Town Hall, widely considered as one of the finest surviving 18th-century town halls. The authors of the Buildings of England series refer to its "magnificent scale", and consider it to be "probably the grandest ...suite of civic rooms in the country".
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