Sea Creatures for Baby Shark A fundraiser in Memory of Millie Grace Robertson

“During our constant fight with Mille, we never once felt alone. Our community surrounded us with love and kindness. Someone was always available to help and provide anything we needed. We hadn’t lived in Yarmouth very long but our community embraced us and our child like we belonged. They made some of the most difficult times easier and we will forever be grateful. “
Millie Grace Robertson, the daughter of Yarmouth locals Caroline and Derek Robertson, was born December 23, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario at 7:08 am. She was born with a severe form of hypo-plastic left heart syndrome and later was diagnosed with a deadly disease called pulmonary vein stenosis. She was transferred directly to Toronto Sick Kids Hospital the day she was born. In Millie’s sixteen months of life, she endured 10 open heart procedures, 5 catheter procedures and numerous blood work, needles and medication. But she also was surrounded by so much love and brought joy everywhere she went. She was the toughest and sweetest child there ever was. She loved to dance, wave and give kisses. She passed away on May 2, 2018 as a result of a severe blood clot that led to prolonged cardiac arrest causing extensive and irreparable brain damage.

Caroline and Derek referred to Millie as their “baby shark”. After she died, Caroline found peace in drawing colourful sea creatures for Millie. A portion of the proceeds from Sea Creatures for Baby Shark are donated to the Toronto Hospital of Sick Children in Millie’s name.

One very special day in August 2017, Millie was given a day pass from the Hospital of Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario to visit the Ripleys Aquarium. Miss Millie was so excited. She took the subway with Mama and Dada and waited in a huge line to visit the sharks at the Aquarium. She ate ice cream dots with Mama and loved watching all the other children waiting in the lineup. Her eyes were huge as she watched the fish in the small tanks at the registration desk. She was so engaged, giggled, laughed and pointed at the jelly fish. Hugging her parents with excitement. While there they received a call from the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax, they were willing to accept Millie as a transfer home. They were arranging an air ambulance to fly her whole family home the next day together. They cheered, danced and smiled as they enjoyed their day. By the time they arrived at the shark exhibit, Millie was so tired from all the excitement she was asleep! Her Dada tried to wake her, intent on showing his Baby Shark real sharks. She didnt wake up until they made it to the photo booth where Mama and Dada held Millie up to have a photoshopped image taken of them with a shark. The best part of the day was the gift shop! Millie picked out shark toys and shirts. The whole family returned to Sick Kids that evening decked out in sea creature apparel.

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