Milwaukee Foster Parent Recruitment Ignite Change Proposal


SaintA holds 50% of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families contract for Milwaukee out-of-home case management and child placement. On any given month caseworkers are unable to find placement for 30-65 kids. These kids are moved to an unfamiliar community, placed in group homes or moved out-of-state. To impact this problem we need more foster parents entering into the recruitment funnel.


Generate awareness of the need for foster homes.


By spreading the word to communities with the highest removal rate that it’s best for kids and families to keep kids in their communities. By appealing to Milwaukee’s most caring and capable adults and boost foster parent inquiries by 20%.


Where the need is greatest

Black Foster Parent Recruitment

The most recent Wisconsin DCF annual report shows that 67% of kids in Milwaukee out-of-home care are black. This community based recruitment strategy will identify and recruit black SaintA leaders who have an interest in advocating for foster care by becoming partners in this recruitment campaign.

Tapping into and leveraging their community relationships and together reaching out to their churches, community organizations, schools etc. It’s about communities coming together to rally around their kids!


A successful Milwaukee appeal will contribute to the following objectives:

  • Conduct outreach activities to deliver a targeted potential reach of 100,000 over a 1 month period.
  • Work collaboratively with SaintA Community Engagement and Marketing to increase the number of quality and licensed families by 20%


  • Identify neighborhoods or zip codes of children that have been unable to be placed.
  • Identify SaintA employees and leadership who are ready to rally! Facilitate a brainstorming session to cultivate their advocacy voice and strengthen their resolve and develop and fine-tune our strategy.
  • Conduct videotaped interviews to amplify authentic recruitment call-to-action messages and important insights. Questions might include:
  1. Is keeping kids in their communities important? If so, why?
  2. Is finding a culture fit for a child important? If so, why? These videos will be used for social media, online, public relations and at community engagement events.
  • Develop a SaintA advocate survey that lays the groundwork for outreach. Questions might include:
  1. What are the strongest community organizations in your neighborhood?
  2. Who are your most trusted leaders or influencers? Do you have a personal connection to them? If so please describe.
  3. Are you a member of a faith-based organization(s)? Which one(s)? Do you have a connection to leadership there? Please describe.
  4. Which local community radio and TV stations facebook pages do you respect influence you?
  5. Where do you shop for groceries?
  6. Where do you get your hair done?
  7. Where do your kids attend school.
  • Identify and clarify advocate roles. What roles is each advocate comfortable serving in (public speaking, media source, video interviewee, church speaker, more identifying roles will emerge from brainstorming.
  • Help advocates reach out to their community connections (churches, schools, community organizations) and communicate the need for foster parents in their neighborhood.
  • Orchestrate a month-long media blitz.
  • Place geo-targeted Facebook buys.
  • Identify top employers and assess any connection to SaintA leadership. Help SaintA reach out to appropriate departments to partner (Marketing, Community Relations, HR, Foundation etc.) Ask workplace partner to pay for employee video production.
  • Design fully integrated landing page. In keeping with “keeping kids in communities” - possible sites could be FosterHere.org, Fostermycommunity.org, Fostermyneighborhood.org.


  • (1) video featuring SaintA advocates for Social media, church and rally comunity. With website placement.
  • Transit (bus side) advertisement design and placement on routes in targeted neighborhoods.
  • Media relations utilizing the powerful Meltwater subscription tool to identify and reach top influencers in broadcast social media and other online blogs and outlets. Leverage both Ignite and advocate relationships with WNOV, Courier/Milwaukee Times/NNS/Independent/Journal Sentinel/Urban Milwaukee, OnMilwaukee.
  • Advocate op-ed.
  • Saturate neighborhoods with posters, stickers, etc.
  • Black talk radio show appearance(s) “call us if you would like us to present at your church or community event”.
  • Workplace newsletter article.
  • Detailed Meltwater engagement report showing social, broadcast online and print results.
  • Community connections for for ongoing relationship building and SaintA brand recognition.
  • BillBoard Campaign
Group of children in a group shows a need to open up your home.
Single distressed child showing their need for help in finding a home.


  • Potential reach
  • Number of video views
  • Number of media stories
  • Social engagement
  • New calls received to become a foster parent
  • Number of new parents trained
  • Number of parents licensed


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