Virtual Journey Berlin to Gorzow Wielopolski Austin Lieber

Week 1 8.38 miles. I went from berlin to Stotze Neidersachsen in Germany and I was walking with Gage on a cloudy day.

Week 2 10.07 miles. Konigs Wusterhausen. I went from Stotze Niedersachsen to Konigs Wusterhausen in germany and I went past a german food store with brautworst.

Week 3 8.78. Konigs Wusterhausen to Luckenwalde. I went to a theater to see a play on a sunny day.

Week 4 11.45 miles. I went from Luckenwalde to Ludwigsfelde. I went into the mall with Gage and we saw some amazing architecture.

Week 5 10.56. I went from luckenfelde to Rathenow Germany and saw a play ground that looks like it was made by very creative Architect.

Week 6 9 miles. I went from Rathenow to Norderstedt Germany. I went out along one of the bridges and saw the Norderstedt Spektrum.

Week 7 6 miles. I went from Norderstadt to Dreieich Germany and saw the Kniepp resort with Gage.

Week 8 10 miles. I went from Dreieich to Bad Nauheim Germany. I saw this elegant looking sink that looks like it was made for a king and must have 100's of 1,000's of dollars to make.

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