Elements and principles

Line: kind of like a path creating something. Theres just straight lines going down in the image
Shape: an enclosed two dimensional space. Theres a lot of squares, they look two dimensional i think
Value: the dark or lightness of an image. Its black and white and you can see all of the different shades on the rocks and the glasses
Texture: how something feels or looks. This image is good for texture because the ropes texture is just really apparent and you can easily imagine how it would feel
Form: something having three dimensions. Theres little intricate details and shading on the person that makes it pop out as a 3 dimensional figure
space: the distance between things. The doorway and windows seem to be far away
movement: the path your eye takes in the art. the arrow leads you to the center of the piece
rhythm: kind of like a visual beat or pattern. The diamond and the other patterns are being repeated across the picture
emphasis: something that brings more attention to or something you would notice quicker in the piece. There are no other red dots in the image so the one red dot just sticks out


Created with images by Salim Shadid - "Lines of a heater" • Unsplash - "architecture skyscraper urban" • jamiejohndavies - "Beach Shades" • ckmck - "Colores" • skeeze - "rope coil boat" • judy dean - "Netsuke" • stux - "exhibition museum art" • Sharon Mollerus - "Marsden Hartley, Movements, 1913/15"

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