Flash Cards Retrieval practice method #2

For the second method I tested in my retrieval practice experiment, I used flash cards. I've used them before somewhat, they've been pretty effective for me. Like I said, my classes don't really have quizzes in them so I don't really have any grades to compare, but I'm going to do it anyway. I used the flash cards to study calculus. There are a lot of derivatives, integrals, and trig identities that I have to memorize and know, so I used the flash cards for these. Now, I'm extremely good at memorizing things, so I'll know this like the back of my hand with very little time spent memorizing things. I didn't set aside a specific amount of time, instead, I went through them the first day until I knew them. Then, after that, I'd flip through them at least once a day. I'd do it again if I missed one.

I've perfected my study method with flash cards. If I have, say, 100 or so, I'll begin with learning the first 10. I spend five minutes looking over them, and then I flip through them and quiz myself, going first in order, and then changing the order. I keep doing this until I know these 10 like I know the back of my hand. Then I take the next ten flash cards and do the same thing. After I've learned these 10, I combine them with the first 10 to form a group of 20, and run through them. Then I learn the next 10, and then I go through all 30. Then the next 10, then I go through all 40. I keep doing this until I've reached all 100 cards. This way, I'm compounding them. Doing it like this, in a cumulative fashion, is a little tougher for most people but it's much more effective. This little method I came up with is one of the best ways to memorize things, I've shown it to several people and they all came back and told me how well it worked for them. One of my natural abilities is not just memorizing things, but knowing how to most effectively engage my memory to memorize things efficiently, and this flash card trick is one of my go-to methods, it's never failed for me or for anyone else I've shown it to.


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