Bacon&Eggs A cookie competition

I first got the idea for the strange cookie because I wanted to come up with something that would get me kicked out on the first round.

This cookie is also gluten free. *not vegan. And is not intended to kill Gregg.

Recipes for meringue cookies vary from 2 to 12 ingredients. This one seems legit.

Meringue cookies are made with simple ingredients.

Egg whites. Sugar.

Separating eggs old school = back and forth between shells

Vanilla is added for flavor to pair with the maple bacon. Cream of tartar is added to stabilize the cookie. I dunno why salt is added, but 'add a pinch' sounds made up. So I added a pinch. (full meringue recipe)

Meez in plahhs

The eggs sit until they become room temperature "(about 30 minutes)". But this is LA, and 85°, so I'm guessing that room temp comes faster. Plus my old stove doesn't really know what 250° feels like, so why not start early.

The instructions say to add shit in, but save the sugar until eggs get frothy. Then add the sugar slowly while increasing speed of mixer - takes about 7 minutes SLOW SUGAR. Guh!

Well that totally worked, but now I realize I have no piping bag.

But I have the crazy metal tips.

Fuck it, just cut a hole in a freezer bag. Squeeze.

Pulling muscles from a shell

I'm already forgetting that I'm not trying to create a good cookie.





One fuckingmess

The real reason for this creation is bacon. There's never any additional reason necessary if you can add bacon into the presentation.


The idea is to get the bacon matched with the cookie without the meringue melting when the fat from the bacon hits it.


Grade A craft syrup

Putting it all together was surprisingly fun. It puts craft baking into a new perspective for me... from my belly.


Fuck it. These might be pretty good.

Time for bed




It was an amazing collection of cookies presented at the office on Monday. There were many chocolate chip entries, but no other bacon cookies. I was strategizing that the 6 judges would be CHOCOLATED-OUT and that my salty cookie would stand out. Instead - it turned out that we were all judges. We ate too many cookies.

It started out as "I'll just have 1/4 of each cookie", but it quickly became apparent that the other 3/4 of the entry was too good to leave behind. So 17 entries later, we had each finished over a dozen cookies each. HOLY CRAP. Fortunately, some cookies were small.

There weren't any other themed cookies either. Although, one AMAZING cookie (pink macaroon) was close to being a "logo" cookie. (The pink cookie maker comes from a family of professional bakers - these were so good)

Pink Coconuts - the bottom is dipped in chocolate!

On par with my unusual 'cookie' idea, Daniel created a POPCORN cookie. The cookie itself wasn't made out of corn, but had small pieces of popcorn in it. Although the cookie was dense when it was warm, when it cooled, it became light and airy like popcorn. It was definitely a popcorn flavored cookie. Really good.

Cookies with popcorn and nuts. (like poppycock cookie) Light and airy - like popcorn.

There were several other excellent entries in the cookie competition. Many were gluten free. Nobody made a vegan cookie. Nobody came up with a 'disgusting' themed or tasting cookie (although each of us suffered micro failures during the process).

Everyone was really into the baking experiment - even though most of us aren't cookie makers. It was a great way to get our hands dirty to craft something other than the regular artwork that we do for clients, and share our experimentation / creative process with each other (then eat it).


someone stole the bacon off this one!


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