Titus Onesmus Young Climate change activist

Titus Onesmus is a climate change activist from Tanzania dedicated to advocate for renewable energy adoption.

This is a CLIMATE RESILIENCE LEARNING CENTER, where Titus is leading educational projects on alternative energies. They train both theory and practical on various eco friendly activities to local communities in Tanzania.

The Center is dedicated to promoting sustainable means of life where people are able to achieve social development without harm to the environment. Intensive production with simple- local entrepreneurial & agricultural techniques; less costful and need minimal space/land, which makes it affordable for any community.

'We train our community to raise their family income responsibly (baring the duty to protect our environment)' - Titus Onesmus
The Center works in alliance with Climate Action Network Tanzania, which is a Tanzanian NGO, network. Raises awareness, creates resilience and enhances capacities related to climate change impacts in Tanzania. Promotes #lowcarbon economy; Power Shift Africa, which is a climate & energy think tank providing policy analysis, advocacy and communications from an African perspective; and Climate Power, which advocates for politics of climate.

'Science is key in how we respond to climate and health emergencies around the world.'

Renewables can provide energy solutions for resilient water and agri-food sectors + alleviate poverty thru integrated rural community development projects. It is time to redesign our relationship with nature, which we depend on, and have sustainable means of sustaining our life and our communities.
'We have no more excuses in adopting renewable energy. Probably the only opportunity we have with COVID-19 saga. Loosing the opportunity will be like betraying our future generations. Everyone should feel the responsibility.' - Titus Onesmus
Africa is the most vulnerable region when it comes the issue of climate change. There is a need to strictly act and put more pressure at policy and planning levels of countries to survive from climate change effects.


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