Theme for Dream PRESENTATION Final

Universal Theme: Never push back on what you truly dream of

English B

"Let that page come out of you, then it will be true. Being me, it will not be white. But it will be a part of you, instructor. You are white— yet a part of me, as I am a part of you. That’s American. Sometimes perhaps you don’t want to be a part of me But we are, that’s true!”

In English B this evidence showed that when he truly put effort in his article and never pushed back after. At first he wasn't sure what to write but then he truly got into it and wrote who he was towards his teacher. He truly put his feelings in this by showing it was what he wanted his teacher to know. The author trys to prove to his teacher that he's not different.


It begins with a romance as sweet and lovely as any I can recall in feature animation. Two children named Carl and Ellie meet and discover they share the same dream of someday being explorers. In newsreels, they see the exploits of a daring adventurer named Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer), who uses his gigantic airship to explore a lost world on a plateau in Venezuela and then bring back the bones of fantastic creatures previously unknown to man. When his discoveries are accused of being faked, he flies off enraged to South America again, vowing to bring back living creatures to prove his claims”

In the link above the picture of the clip it basically shows how they had a dream but Carl’s wife Ellie died and he became lonely. One day he decided to go to their dream place to set their house on top of a waterfall mountain. He had accomplished his dream for him and his wife even though they went through tough times he never pushed back. The author proves to be supported by other and to never push back.

So what? Impact

If you never give up on what you truly dream of more people would be more successful and more happier with their life. This impact of dreams theme to never give up shows who would give people a lot of success and hope on their dreams only if they choose to be committed to never push back out on it.

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