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If you have never been to Dairy Queen you must go. Dairy queen is a must have on a Friday night after an entire week of school, when you just need something sweet. I will make it easy for you, here is the address. 1902 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824.

I have been going to Dairy Queen my entire life. Every weekend my family and me would roll up and hop on out of the car. Every time I would order my small cone of vanilla ice cream dipped in strawberry chocolate. I couldn't give you a number for the amount of times I have ordered it. I have had some haters throughout the years, criticizing me for going to DQ but never ordering a blizzard. I always felt as if there was no need to get anything other than my perfect, classic vanilla cone dipped in strawberry…until the other night.

It was a warm Thursday evening, I was out with my mom going to get my nails done for Prom. I was feeling a little different that night, I wanted to jazz things up a bit. So this time as we pulled up to DQ I ordered something different than my normal. What is more different then trying the new limited time blizzard flavors. https://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/Menu/Treats/ They were right up there on the board with bright, red lettering spelling out NEW enlarged next to the names. The flavors were Summer Berry Cheesecake and Jurassic Chomp. I order them both each in a mini. Full send.

The Summer Berry Cheesecake was a bright fuchsia color. It looked like summer in a cup. However fushia is not a color I necessarily want to devour. As I took a bite the ice cream tastes like real blueberries. The cheesecake globs didn’t taste like cheesecake. They taste like sugar, and had a chalky, mushy texture. It was almost as if it was cheesecake batter rather than a baked dense cheesecake. The chunks of blueberries mixed inside tasted fake, almost like a dum lolly pop blueberry flavor. After that, little taste I couldn't even eat the rest.

The Jurassic Chomp presentation was superb, swirls of ice cream popped out of the cup. Before I took a bite I could already smell the rich peanut butter. The ice cream was a creamy peanut butter. The huge pieces of chocolate peanut butter candy tasted mostly of sweet sugar. The pieces had a hard coating of chocolate with peanut butter inside. I was surprised at how many pieces of candy there were in it. The candy did give the blizzard a satisfying chewing, but I would've rather had the chocolate candy broken up into and mixed together more.

The Summer Berry Cheesecake I would rate as a 1 out of 5 because the ice cream itself did taste like a classic blueberry ice cream I would like to have on its own. The Jurassic Chomp I would give a 2.5 out of 5 because the candy was too big and needed to be broken up.

I don’t know why everyone goes for these fancy blizzards. It’s too much for me. The conclusion is that I am going to block out the haters who are saying my vanilla cone dipped in cherry is too plain.

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