Tattoos on the Heart Anna hegge

Chapter one | God, I Guess

The theme of this chapter is definitely god and how he makes his way in everyone's life. My favorite story in chapter one is the story of the rose pedals. Father G was in the mountains in Bolivia when a man reaches into his pockets. He pulls out handfulls apon handfulls of rose pedals from his coat pocket. Father G never saw the man again. This story shows that god works in many ways and through each human being.

Chapter 6 | Jurisdiction

The theme of this chapter is not to judge. People really need to open their eyes and know that people are different and just learn to love. One of my favorite stories was of Chepe and Richie when the went to Coco's. They were disrespected because of their appearance and were assumed to be of lesser value. Their waitress "Jesus in an apron" made them feel accepted.

Introduction & preface

The main theme in this chapter is impact. Father G impacted so many people in his life. It also describes how homeboy industries has changes so many people's lives in such a major way. I loved this chapter because it really gave me an idea on what father boyles motive was. He changes so many lives and it made me want to read so much more.

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