Dream Analysis Project By: Jin-Joo McCain

The Runaways

The dream starts out with my friend Yasmine BenBrahim and I running from people in suits.

We run to a horseshoe like cliff with the ocean next to us. Yasmine decides to sacrifice herself to the men by sliding down the cliff.

She lets go of my arm and slides down the cliff. I run to the other side of the cliff where there is a cell phone tower.

I find my male friend I met in the summer. We talk for a long time about things that are going on and then the dream ends and I am laying in bed with tears in my eyes.


1) Running- Im putting off or putting distance away from something that is troubling me in my daily life.

2) Men in Suits- I feel like I will be taking loses, or that I am going to loose a close business partner.

3) Letting go of Someone- Releasing someone means you feel like you are letting them go or loosing contact. Could also symbolize dealing with loss.

4) Cell Phone Tower- Could symbolize you want to branch out and connect more with others and form more relations with people around you.


Created with images by Thales - "Ingalls Lake" • Pexels - "fashion man person" • charlesmiller - "cape cod bay ocean" • skeeze - "running runner long distance" • woodleywonderworks - "television tower"

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