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State Animal

The rocky mountain elk became the state animal in 1971.

State gem

The Topaz gem became the state gem in 1969. It is a semiprecious gem fond in beaver.

State flower

The Sega lily flower was approved on March 18 1911.

State fruit

The Cherry became the state fruit in 1971.

State fish

The cutthroat is the the state fish because it has the cut.

State Motto

The beehive became the state motto on March 4 1954.

State song

The main idea is Utah is our place.

State Emblem

The main idea is that it became our state Elbel in 1959.

State Vetabel

The main idea is it was named our state vetchable in 2002.

State tree

The main idea is the tree was chosen by Utah state legislature.

State flag

The main idea is that each state in the has a cussmarily adopted a state flag.

state fossil

They got this fossil because it has sixty individuals from juveniles adults.

State Brid

It was chosen in 1955 because of legislate.

State Minneal

It became the state mineral because it was enacted by Utah state leg-statue in 1994.


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