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Monthly Planner
Monthly Planner
Monthly Planner

I can be very forgetful at times! I went through my syllabus and recorded all dates when assignments were due.

To Do List for March 16, 2017

I have always had a problem with managing my time! During my first semester, I pulled many all nighters. I did not think it was possible to complete all assignments, study and prepare for exams, and get to bed on time. During the day, I would take a long nap because I was so tired from staying up late the night before. During the time I was taking naps, I should have been doing work and studying. This cycle continued for my entire first semester. Exam week, it was worse! I kept saying that I would do better this semester but never changed anything. In class when we made our weekly schedule planner, I left out many hours during the day to take naps. Which meant I would have to stay up late doing homework. After speaking with the consultant, and letting her review my planner, she suggested that we create another one. The new one would have time during the day to work on work or study for each class and have me going to bed at a reasonable time.

First Weekly Schedule Planner
New Weekly Schedule Planner

In the beginning, it was difficult to stick to the planners. I often wanted to sleep, watch movies and play on my phone. However, I realized how helpful this could be and made myself stick to it. In the end, I benefited a lot. My grades went up, I felt more organized, and I was getting to bed on time.


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