Cockatiel Jenna Goldberg

Cockatiels come from Australia

They are very good pets and are quite easy to breed. When cocktails are excited they put up they crests and when they are angry the crest is flatettened close

I'm not very happy right now

The cockatiel has long tail feathers almost half as its hight. The normal grey male cockatiel has a yellow or white face and the female's face or is grey or light grey.

They both have a white orange dot on there ears Stee

Male and female cockatiels
In the wiled they live close to the water

They live for about sixteen to twenty five years, but the oldest known cockatiel was thirty six old

Male cockatiels are better at talking and whistlesing then the females

They eat fruit and vegetables and seeds and need clean water every day. They cages must be clean and dry so that they don't get doses

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Jenna Goldberg

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