The story of Vix Businesses don't realise the impact

Vix Davies, who works in PR and lives in London, knows all too well how hard expenses can be to manage each month if they aren’t repaid promptly.

“In increments, it doesn’t always seem a lot, which is probably why it slips through the cracks for businesses and isn’t prioritised,”
“When I was starting out in PR and coming to the end of the month, I often found the expenses really added up and I remember crossing my fingers at meetings that it would come in lower."
“I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t able to front the cost myself, so never raised it, and I ended up taking out a credit card to keep the costs separate to avoid going into my overdraft.
“I was typically left shouldering costs of between £200 – £500 a month, and hoping they went through the sign-off process quick enough to not make too much of an impact on the rest of my finances. I was operating very much on the edge of what I could afford on a monthly basis.”

Is your employer short changing you on expenses and holiday pay? The Independent

However, Vix isn't alone. Our research shows that over half of employees have had to put expenses on a personal credit card or had to go into their overdraft.

This is due to their company expecting them to pay upfront for their expenses and poor internal processes for expense management.

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