Featherless Chicken GMO

The featherless chicken is a recently modified organism. To create this organism, scientists took a gene from a "naked neck" chicken and injected it into a normal feathered chicken. This gave regular chicken less hair and over time, the became completely featherless.

The benefits of this disturbing chicken is that it uses extra energy that is usually used to grow feathers, but instead they use it to grow meat. Since they grow more meat, they can sell more chicken and make more money. Finally, people don't have to pluck feathers any longer.

This GMO was created by many scientists in a genetics faculty at Rehovot Agronomy Institute by Tel Aviv, Israel.


  • More meat to be sold
  • Saves time plucking feathers
  • Lowers prices because more product


  • Less protection
  • More susceptible to parasites
  • Males struggle mating due to inability to flap its wings

I believe GMOs are very important to our world and have many positive benefits. They can raise nutrition levels, lower prices, and create strong lines of organisms. In this case, I think that the featherless chicken idea is a little shaky. I say this because if they have no feathers and can get parasites easier, then why would we risk eating their meat? I think that this GMO is dangerous and should not be taken lightly.



Created by Trace Willman


Created with images by Artistic-touches - "Farming" • Unsplash - "wind farm farm rural"

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