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An open letter from Your Style Coach™

I have truly stepped into my ‘style greatness’! You're probably thinking I've been there all my life. I can honestly say that I do have a special talent for 'getting dressed' and choosing unique looks from a well thought out and high quality wardrobe. But, I haven't always been where I am today. Trust as a kid and you adult I lacked confidence and had an awkward shape that I was not proud of. Also, I used to be a shopaholic...for real! Definitely shopping without well thought out plan. It took time, patience and a little creativity in knowing that its not about having 50 pair of jeans or even 100 pairs of shoes. And no, I am not telling you not to have plenty to choose from! It always feels great to have options but most importantly make them useful and exciting additions to your wardrobe.

Your Certified Style Coach™

It's not just about how we look on the outside. Its also about how we feel on the inside that counts as well. The confidence, the mindset, and the reality of knowing that everyone, or maybe I should say most of us can have "Stand Out Style" (if you choose to). But for some its just in your DNA! But when you’ve discovered your own S.O.S., you are smiling and exuding confidence from the 'inside out' and from the very depths of your heart and soul! And you don't have to say a word.

Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.

Now that's style perfection! To me, Style has a Spiritual aspect as well. The outside world (your Style) is an exact reflection of your inside world (your Confidence, Feelings and Mindset). “As Within, So Without."

"After working from home for several years, my style had become pajama pants, a tee shirt, a hat on my head (to hide my hair in video meetings), and house slippers. I would recommend anyone take advantage of this free course and eventually work with Sharron. She helped me feel more confident from inside out even when working from home. Thank you Sharron! - Anniece Washington Gantt, Insurance Adjuster and Video/Photo Entrepreneur

Because of this, I am not into following Trend Re-Leases and what the fashion world tells me is IN or OUT! However, I do love reading my fashion magazines online websites/blogs. Sometimes it can spark or inspire me to create something from my closet. But what really makes me feel amazing is when I can give women like you the necessary tips, inspiration and motivation that will help you create your own 'Stand Out STYLE' (S.O.S.) I am an expert at helping my clients create a wardrobe of high quality garments without breaking the bank. It feels BOSS for me to be able to watch your style evolve and elevate over time. Its where my passion meets Style Creation for every woman that I encounter! Yes...We can all become Style Creators!

"I love Sharron's style! She has a very unique way of pairing items and accessories together that just work and isn't that expected traditional look! Her style is what I call delicately bold. She has inspired me to add more boldness, color, accessories in my wardrobe and take more chances with fashion and it relates to my own personal style. After all, the best fashion trends were the product of someone taking a risk!" - Setrina Allen, Software Project Manager

And as a Self-Taught Accessory Designer of My BowCHIC Boutique, I infuse my creativity and passion into each and every neckwear design for the woman who dares to Stand Out from the crowd.

"Thank you Sharron 😍😘 You know BowCHIC is my fashion life. I love the individuality it gives me, no one else will rock what I have so it sets me apart, I stand out and it's a great conversational piece!" - Tracy K, Banking Executive (My BowCHIC Boutique client)

Why be the same when you were born to 'Stand Out.'

Fashion Forward Neckwear

Introducing Our Instructional Creative Style Sessions

In our Chicago Boutique

A CHIC Space, chicago
Client Before & After Head to Toe Styling Session
"I have never really been into fashion. All my life I just wanted to look nice and make sure I matched. I was never a big shopper and really preferred shopping online. Since I have known Sharron, I have changed that thinking because I LOVE her sense of fashion and it is simply contagious! I now shop more often and I actually enjoy finding little "goldmines" that others won't be able to find. I really love it when Sharron compliments me on my outfit or shoes because that is when I know I have really pulled myself together!! Sharron is my fashion mentor and I am so happy she opened my eyes to the joy of fashion." - Dre Nichols Everett, CEO-Founder, Dre's Diesel Dome
Styled with her own garments and Accessorized with BowCHIC Designs
Capture Runway looks right from your own closet!

Why work with a Certified Style Coach™?

Style Coaching™ works with you to accomplish some personal goals, motivate you to achieve those goals, and put you on a measurable path to style success. We take our time to find the right prescription for you to reach your goals in becoming your own 'style creator'. We help you to stretch beyond the challenges that you may have from past failures of your head to toe regimen. This is an exciting area of Style Coaching™ because we love to see the joy and excitement that our clients express when they reach their goals. This aspect of Style Coaching™ assists you with removing the mental roadblocks that may be keeping you from creating a wardrobe that would allow you to be able to repeat and/or duplicate incredible looks everyday.

Thank you Sharron for your expertise as my Style Coach™. You helped me get out of my 'style rut' and become more fashion conscious. I lost a bit of myself when I went through treatment for Breast Cancer. I felt I have won the battle but had to get accustomed to my new body and how it looks. Although my clothes fit they weren't always complimentary to my new body shape. I am now more style specific when shopping because yu have taught me ow to pick clothes that compliment my shape, personality and style. Now I take time to put my outfits together from head to toe. In addition, I am more intentional about what I eat and have begun a consistent workout schedule. Because of your coaching, my closets are organized according to garment category and color and I'm motivated to get my other closets organized. You have always been fashion conscious and have a gift to take a fashionable look and make it your own. Now, through your Style Coaching™ I am learning to do the same". Stephanie Logan (one of my best friends who made her transition in 2016)

Our job is not to "fix" you but to give you the tools needed to mentally stretch and improve upon your positive belief system. A positive mental attitude and speaking positively about what you want to achieve will truly bring more of that into your life. No matter your size, height, shape, etc. working on an increased level of self-esteem and confidence is the key to creating a long-lasting and more improved "Stand Out Style".

Ultimately, Our Style Coaching™ services will NOT tell you exactly what to wear. Our main focus and idea is to help you become your own "style creator". Therefore, learning all of the much needed aspects of what to wear how to wear it and why you wear it will give you the tools needed to help you to identify and recreate your style and make shopping more exciting and rewarding.

Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.


The Closet Detox will give you complete control and continuity of your closet. This is a 3-5 hour session that will give you back your time and freedom wh4n it comes to"getting dressed". This service can be performed in person and via SKYPE. Learn to:

I wanted to organize my closet and to donate clothing I hadn’t worn in a while. Sharron told me about her new business she was starting which including helping to organize closets. I immediately wanted her to come to my place and help me. Sharron always dresses well and doesn’t necessarily break the bank doing so. I wanted her help In updating my closet and she was amazing! She showed me how to wear clothes that I hadn’t really worn and how to put other ensembles together. Sharron also helped me to donate other clothes that perhaps weren’t as flattering on me. It was an absolutely great investment and I “shopped” in my own closet for free! I want to have her come again to make sure I’m staying true to what flatters/fits me best and get the most use out of my clothes in my closet! Thanks Sharron. Valarie Cohran, Doctor

The Closet Detox will give you complete control and continuity of your closet. This is a 3-5 hour session that will give you back your time and freedom when it comes to"getting dressed".

This service can be performed in person and/or via SKYPE Online. Learn to:

  • Discover your style personality, body shape, and what clothes to avoid.
  • A complete closet overhaul and learn which clothes to keep, give away, and which one may need alterations.
  • And finally receive an Ultimate Analysis report that will assist you in creating a closet/wardrobe that makes "getting dressed" simpler, more effective and fulfilling event everyday.

EMAIL US for more info at info@thestylecreator.com

Discover The 5 Secret Sauces to 'Stand Out Style'

In Our FREE Email Style Course

It was NOT easy, because I’m 100% emotional about my clothes Nevertheless The 5 Secret Sauces helped me cope by teaching me sum bout myself! I learned I am 60% Creative Self-Stylist which means I “love to mix and match and play with colors and textures!” So true! Unfortunately I dont have an endless closet...So I had to get rid of some and make space for more colors and textures!! I acknowledge I like dresses. I acknowledge I prefer to be comfortable. I also found I am 30% Styling Naturalist full of potential! Quality takes effort, so, I’m grateful for these tools you’ve provided that helped me EVELATE my style as I enter my 30s! A crucial time. I got rid of clothes I’ve had since high school 😂 and added some more professional/mature pieces you suggested in the handbook! I plan to buy a hand held sewing machine to quick fix 2 skirts I couldn’t let go of, not your recommendation, but nah leh go! Also, some pieces I’ll be taking to “Buy Sell Trade” to see if I can get some money back for them. Whatever they don’t take I’ll give to goodwill! Thanks again Sharron Miles Gilty Peace & LOVE! Raza

Email me for full detailed info on my Certified Style Coaching™ Services


Always Fashion Forward,

Sharron Miles Gilty

"Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak."

So...why be the same when you were born to Stand Out!

My Menu of Style Coaching™ Services can be emailed to you upon request

Email me at info@thestylecreator.com

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