Professor Interview Common Exhibit for Learning Objective #5

I'm going to ask you several different questions about yourself just to see what you like to do in your spare time and what life really means to you.

1. What do yo do besides teaching?

I hunt when I can and often make new projects that I think of.

2. What was your major in college?

Ag Mechanization

3. What do yo do for fun in your free time?

I like to hunt and fish.

4. How do you define learning?

Learning is gaining knowledge through experience, studying, and being taught.

5. How do you define teaching?

Ideas taught by an authority.

6. What subject was most difficult for you as a college student and why?

My most difficult subject as a college student would have to have been my chemistry class. This was my most difficult class because I am not really interested in substances that deal with matter and so on.

7. What is the most important non-academic skill for a college student?

I would say the most important non-academic skill for a college student would have to be decision making. I think it is very important to always know what you want to do and when you want to do it. You need to have reason in your life.

I chose this professor to interview because he's a character. He's very humorous and he keeps you on your toes. While teaching he often stops to tell a story about a past experience. I wasn't really shocked by his answers because I expected him to answer the way he did. From this conversation I learned that it's great to build a relationship with your professor. First semester I didn't get to really know my professors and I feel like that can hurt you as a student. When you get to know your professor and build a relationship with them, they really know you as a student and a person. In my opinion this will help you out tremendously.



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