RelajaTec A rest that brings you up

For a future where students of the Tec CEM have a comfortable place to rest and relax between classes, and that stress and tiredness is reduced among the students. Resulting in better grades and less tired students

Our team’s mission is to create an area in which Tec CEM students can relax and listen music by giving puffs to rest, this in order for students to be more concentrated in classes so they have better grades. Also this project helps to promote respect as students have to take care of the puffs and not disturb other people’s rest.

The team

Melissa Ramos Pérez

The team's leader: Based on her skills of leadership, organization and responsibility, in charge of organizing the team's efforts.

Ángeles Rodríguez Hernández

The team's designer: Based on her creativity and ability to adapt, in charge of designing promotional material and giving creative ideas.

Leonardo Castillejos Vite

The team's secretary: In charge of ensuring that our work is on time for the deadline, based on the skill of time management.

José Carlo Cuevas Martínez

The team's mediator: Based on his skill of negotiation, in charge of solving issues between team members and ensuring a good environment to work.

Alejandro Sánchez Rodríguez

The cheerleader: Based on his resilience, in charge of ensuring a good mood and keeping the team going despite tiredness.

  • March 8th: we will have asked for permission.
  • April 8th: we should have the puffs.
  • April 12th: we should have our project approved.
  • April 17th: we should have done our project and repaired everything, and until the end of the semester we will be observing the outcome.

Target market and our reason

Our target market: Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México students.

Our reason: Tecnológico de Monterrey is one of the higher education institutions in México, because of this is one of the most demanding schools in the country. This has effects on students as they become stressed and tired, so we want to give a place to the Tec students to rest, in order to take care of the health and grades of the students.

Production and distribution

The service we will offer to the Tec students is a rental of puffs for them to relax during their free hours, we plan to give this service by using lockers were they will have to pay for an hour rental and give their credential. We plan to begin with an initial number of 7 puffs and increase the number with the time.


Production costs:

  • Puffs (7) = $3500
  • Lockers (1) = $4000

Distribution costs:

  • Get the locker to the campus = $500

Market research


This allows us to see that tiredness is a common problem among the students at Tecnológico de Monterrey
This allows us to see that a puff is an idea that people could back off.
We see that our target does has the time to use our service.
opción 3 is the option that we have as our logo.
We see that our target audience overwhelmingly supports our slogan

Marketing campaign

Our main promotion mean will be through our Facebook page, but we will also use flyers that we will give in the high school and a "TV" Spot that we will upload to YouTube and promote through the Facebook page. Our target audience are Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Estado de México students.

Facebook page

Our Facebook page "Relajatec CEM".
Flyer design.


List of production costs

  • Puffs (7) = $3500
  • Lockers (1) = $4000

List of distribution costs

  • Lockers transportation = $500

Organizational culture cost

  • Free

Marketing research cost

  • Free

Promotional Campaign cost

  • Flyers: $ 12 per flyer: 30 flyers = $360
  • TV Spot: free
  • Poster: $20 per poster. We will buy 10 posters = $200
  • Facebook page = $100 for promoting the page

Total cost: $8660

We plan on starting with 7 puffs, and after recovering the initial inversion costs, use some of the earnings to continue adding puffs or replacing them if they are already damaged. By renting the puffs with a price of $20 per hour we would need to rent 433 hours to recover the initial inversion cost.


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