My ideal career by Leah gribbin 10a

My Job Family- my future job belongs in the family of 'social' and 'enterprising' my job belongs here because i need to social with people to find out what way i can help them so they can get back to do what they love a lot quicker, I am the in job family enterprising too because i want to be a physiotherapist but I want to own my own physiotherapist business

education that will help me to be a physiotherapist- In my A-levels i need three of them including biological science and Physical Education may be excepted. Also in GCSE I need maths, English, science and Physical Education in my GCSE'S I need to be getting grading between A* to C.

  • Skills required
  • Great communication skill
  • patience, sensitivity
  • the ability to use your initiative
  • organisational and administrative skills

For physiotherapy I hope I pass my GCSE'S and my A-level and then be accepted into either Queens University Belfast or St. Trinity University Dublin. Going to any of these universities mean that I have to spend at least three years of studying physiotherapy.

  • What will I have to do-
  • helping patients with spine and joint problems
  • helping patients recovering from accidents, sports injuries and strokes
  • helping older people with physical problems become more mobile
  • working with children who have mental or physical disabilities

To be a physiotherapist you need to be able to work 37.5 hours or more a week.

  • the salary for a starter physiotherapist is between £22,000 to £28,500 a year.
  • Experienced: up to £35,000
  • Highly Experienced: £41,000

places where I would work, I would like to either work in a building that is my own and with my own business or else in my house.

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