Allergy Free Sweet Ways to Reduce Sniffles, Sneezes, and Seasonal Environment Allergens

So we all have gotten into the season-

Sniffles, itching eyes, coughs from dry throats, and unable to breathe through our nose. Well who's got time for that??? No ONE!

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So Lets get Natural Minded for a minute....What's your routine? Over the counter pills? Inhalers, and non-natural antihistamines got you Unclogged?

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How about this....Using essential oils? This is new...so what do essential oils have to offer?

An unclogged nose for one- What about using peppermint in your diffuser to breathe easy? Naturally supports opening airways.

Lavender- Naturally reducing inflammation around sinus and throat areas.

Lemon- Citrus peel for antioxidant support to relieve and refresh circulation pathways to help the flow of your nose, eyes, and even, yes, your blood! So we get through these sniffles, coughs, and achoos much faster than ever before!

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DeVola Samuelson


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